Saturday, October 22, 2011

On the homefront...

I wanted to buy something for the Blueys when they go to their new office-home on Monday. So, I thought the best would be food. The Blueys ought to be able to eat Kitten 36 now since they can already even eat Bobby's food!

Yes, Baloo loves it!

Bagheera, too.

And I asked the vet about Indy eating canned food. I've been giving him canned food very often this whole week, just to get him to come home. The vet said the only canned food Indy should take is KD. Indy is a suspect kidney-insufficiency case, though it is still not conclusive. Having had a bad start in life, it is possible all those infections he had come in with (from the drain where he was found) would have taken a toll on his kidneys too. Indy is on RC Renal (dry kibbles). Hill's KD is the equivalent of RC Renal.

I managed to find a vet who sells Hill's KD.

Indy was under the car today, in the porch, so I took some out for him.
He loved it.

But suddenly, he stopped eating...why, Indy?

Oh, that's why....Cleo the Dowager came.

And Cleo wants some.

Cleo gets...

That's the way it is. Indy is scared and backs off. Poor Indy...

I also bought these for Bobby and the cats. Advocate takes care of fleas as well as worms (including heartworms). Apparently, it is a very good product. Just spot-on, not a spray. Goodbye scratches and fights with defiant felines who hate being sprayed!

Earlier on...

The Blueys were having a ball!

The two of them can still get into this baby playhouse. As they grow, the rules of the game changes.

Uncle Bobby is still the best.

They helped me spring-clean today.

Yes, we have no fear....

Choosing shades of white for the new house....

Barley white? Orchid white? 

How about bluepoint white??

We can play anywhere...

Totally kaput!


Cik Siti said...

mereka sudah besar.... :)

Joy E. Saga said...

Wowee! They are grown up now ... going to work leh ... woot!!!

Andy - take good care of them okay, and do, do share their pictures and stories with Dr. Chan from time to time (coz she will share it with us too) Wooohoo!

All the best Baloo and Bagheera!