Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Getting Indy to return home

As you know, Indy ran away from home shortly after the Blueys came. "Ran away" = a few houses down the road.

I have been going down the road, hunting him down, and bringing him back for food every day. 

Last night, I got really worried because he was not at his usual places (under the neighbour's car or on another neighbour's culvert). 

With the aid of the torchlight, we finally found him....5 houses down the road this time....in another neighbour's house. 

As we were trying to coax him to come back with us, the neighbour came back. She was nice, but she said she hopes Indy would not sleep on her car. Oh dear, that's a bit hard now...how to tell Indy not to sleep on the top of cars - that's his favourite place.

Whichever car that was parked in our porch - that would be Indy's place....until the Blueys came and he ran away. Cleo quickly took the opportunity to conquer the space so now the porch belong to Cleo and Indy has no more place in the house.

My typical afternoons would be spent hunting for Indy. Usually, he is just under the neighbour's car. 

This evening, we saw him on top of the neighbour's car...oh, oh.

We quickly coaxed him to come down and put him on top of my car. 

Indy seemed quite happy.

Why don't you take over my car, Indy? It's all yours. Don't sleep on the neighbour's car, okay?  Please?

Indy dare not come back because of the presence of the alphas...Cow & Bunny.

And Cleo has taken over the entire porch now. 

She's a dowager. Small, but powerful and very fierce! 

Tonight's supper.

I'd give Indy any food he wants during this period, just to get him to come home more often. 

But he only comes back for food, and the moment he finishes, he's out of the house.  

Indy used to lounge in the living room or sleep in the porch, on top of the car. I guess he has lost his place now. 

Even at the neighbour's house, he's up against Pole.  That's Pole's territory. 

Feline politics...it's out of our hands.

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mettateoh said...

I like to read your bog. So much kindness you show to animals. May you be always well and happy.