Monday, October 24, 2011

My last night with the Blueys....

Tonight is my last night with the Blueys. 

Tomorrow, Mr Teh will be coming in the morning to take them to their new home - Andy Lew's office.

After I finished stock-checking, I had a chat with the Blueys.

I told them they'd be going to their new home tomorrow and it's going to be a really nice place and they must always look after each other....

I think they understood because they both mewed softly and purred.

I sure am going to miss them so much...

But I'm glad (at least I think) I did not make them get too attached to me this round, unlike the Sunnies. Rex was so attached to me that on those few days before they left for Rozita's, Rex often looked at me with "that look". And while we were driving to Rozita's place, Rex was quite upset. 

For the Blueys, I let them spend a lot of time playing together and playing with toys, instead of being with me. I knew they would have to leave me for their new home, so I didn't want them to get attached to me.  

But I think they still wanted to say "thank you". 

You be good, Balooey. That's what I call Baloo - Balooey.

You too, Baggy (that's short for Bagheera).

One reason the Blueys are not fat is that they are always, always playing during their waking hours.

After playtime, it's kaput time, and they love warm places.

I'll need to make a checklist of what they should bring along to their new home:

1. Kitten 36 - a new pack.
2. Vetri DMG, their immune booster, so that it'll help them cope with the change of environment, just in case.
3. Their fish pad and other scratching pad.
4. Their Kangara house and their first playhouse, so that they would at least have something with their smells.
5. Their vaccination cards.

Hmm...what else?  Let me think...

Meanwhile, they are now awake and playing again....

I hope they will be very happy in their new home. I have no doubt Andy, Mr Teh and Emily will take very good care of them. Hope they will send us photo updates as I'm sure many readers would like to know how they are getting along. 

Till tomorrow, folks....

You see what I mean? Cow is always the first to know when I'm sad. 
He never fails in this task...

Good ol' Cow!
He might spray with all his might (he can't help it, that's his personality), but he's got a good heart.


Anonymous said...

maybe the baskets too? not Tiger's of course.

chankahyein said...

Yes, the baskets, too!