Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bluey tales (3rd day at their new office!)

Last night, Mr Teh told me Andy and Emily would specially go to the office today, despite it being a public holiday, just to look after the Blueys. They think it may be too soon to change their environment (otherwise, Andy would have taken them home for the Diwali holiday).

Andy later texted me to inform me, too. 

Aren't the Blueys lucky to have such caring owners and caregivers?

So, after we were done at Kota Damansara, I texted Andy to ask if he were still at the office and if so, we could go visit the Blueys, but Andy had just left the office by then.

I had planned to visit earlier and was going to stir-fry some chicken for them, but I could not get Andy on the phone. And my husband was working today, too.  Had to wait for him to come back as I don't know the way to Selayang or Batu Caves.  

Anyway, Andy was really nice. He called back saying he could go back to the office just to let me see the Blueys.  Aww....isn't that nice?

But I didn't want to trouble him since he had already gone home, so another day....

Andy said Emily gave the Blueys canned food today, for a change, and as expected, they ate it all up!

The Blueys have very good appetite and seem to be quite compatible with most foods. Over at my place, they ate Bobby's food as well as the adult cats' food.


Anonymous said...

Hello Dr.Chan, I like the Blueys fish shape scratching pad. Where did you bought it?

chankahyein said...

Subang Pet Products, SS18, Subang Jaya.

HweiMynn said...


thought this might give you a laugh or two,
it certainly did give the crowd some laughs!