Thursday, October 20, 2011

Visiting the Blueys' potential office-home and their new family

Today, we went all the way to Batu Caves to visit Andy Lew and his office staff, at the office where the Blueys would be staying. 

It is a very beautiful office - I think it is definitely much bigger than my upstairs and downstairs put together on one floor. Very neat, very clean and conducive for bringing up cats. 

We met Andy, who guided us to his office from Selayang Hospital (where Ming-Yi currently works). There, we met Emily (Andy's wife) and also Mr Teh, the Canine Caviar supplier whom I've met at the Cutie Pet Fair. Mr Teh's office is also there, in the same place. Andy and Mr Teh are good friends. 

We had a long chat, for more than an hour, with Emily and Andy asking about cat-care, cat-food, cat-toys, cat-requirements, cat-habits, cat-medical needs, etc. They are definitely interested in giving the best to the Blueys. 

Emily and Andy have a dog at home, and this would be their first time having cats. Andy felt his office needs some pets, and rightly so, because everyone there likes animals. They thought of adopting some dogs, but felt cats would be better suited for their office environment. They also spend very long hours at the office every day.

The place is fully air-conditioned, all the windows are locked and there is a magnetic lock on the front door. There are many rooms in the entire office and the Blueys will have their very own room. 

Mr Teh is going to buy a cat-tree with scratching posts, equip the room with a cat litter-box and they will be using pine wood pellet as litter. Oh wow.... Trust Mr Teh to know what's best for the animals. He is an animal-lover and a dedicated rescuer himself. 

On holidays and weekends, if nobody comes to the office, Andy will take them home where they will be confined to a room in his house. Andy has one pet dog. If Andy goes away, Mr Teh or Emily will look after the Blueys and take them home should there be no one at the office.

So, it looks like they have worked everything out.  

We are really happy with the place, the people and all the arrangements. I don't think I can ask for anything more. I am truly very grateful.  

The Blueys will be together and will have each other for company and warmth. Andy was worried about them being in the dark at night, so Mr Teh said they would buy a baby night-light for the Blueys at night, so that they would not be left in total darkness in their room.  

The plan is to confine them in their own room first, for starters, and later, let them roam freely in the entire office.

I think the Blueys are going to have a ball in their new office-home.

Emily said she will ask her son to build a big cat-castle for the Blueys to play on. And she is going to bring a cardboard house from home, too.  

What more can I ask for, right?

Mr Teh said he would purchase everything that the Blueys need, and on Monday, he will come take the Blueys to their new office-home.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Blueys will be able to adjust quickly and adapt themselves to their new office-home. 

I have no doubt they will be in very safe hands. 

Thank you so much, Andy, Emily, Mr Teh and all of Andy's staff.  

And many thanks too, to all of you, especially to Punitha, for helping me look for adopters for the Blueys, and also, to all of you have have given me moral support and strength, especially when the going was tough. Thank you very much for your comforting emails.  


Joee Joe said...

Really glad to know this :D

Connie said...

Kah Yein,

Looks like a great plan that Andy, Emily & Mr Teh put together. I think the blueys will have a blast there.

And for yourself, do take care, it's ok to blow a fuse now & then, everyone does it ( including me but I'll get really really sick in the aftermath). But, hey, we feel better after the emotional breakdown over, right?

It is unreasonable for someone who doesn't exactly understand your situation to judge you. In the blueys situation, you have done your very best in giving them life & friendship that once was almost be taken away from them.

And now, finally the blueys will have their very own family. Everyone should be happy for this.

May God bless you for your kindness, endless efforts & determination to give the very best to the furry community.

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a haven to me.
Im feeling excited for the Blueys.

Anonymous said...

Am sure going to miss the Blueys.. *sniff*

Devakie said...

Dr Chan, don't worry they are still kittens and will get adjusted to the new place real fast