Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Blueys test out Uncle Bobby's new food

At the Cutie Pet Fair yesterday, Mr Teh, a petfood nutritionist with Canine Caviar came over to chit-chat. I told him how Canine Caviar had helped Bobby to significantly, but Bobby is not eating it anymore now. Bobby is an extremely picky eater.

He offered to let me try Canine Caviar's wetfood - Duck Meat, and gave me a can. And also another brand of wetfood.

But of course Bobby won't touch it until his two expert connoisseurs test out the food first.

I'm still giving Bobby the Canine Caviar kibbles, which did him wonders previously. 
But he's very picky and it's getting harder to coax him to eat it.

I'm really keen that Bobby eats Canine Caviar because I've seen how much good it did for him when he was so skinny and I was at my wit's end trying to make him eat....anything! People thought I was starving Bobby, but the truth was, he simply refused to eat. Yes, he went on hunger strike until I found the elixir (at that time). Three days on Canine Caviar and he put on significant weight. But, ultimately, it's still up to Bobby, and he IS extremely picky and choosy with food.

Looks like our two friends definitely "passed" the Canine Caviar Duck Gourmet!

But, Bobby wasn't too keen, though. So, it's back to the drawing board...the hunt for food for Bobby.


Connie said...

Dr Chan,

Try giving Bobby fish. My dog also a picky eater but cooked fish meat ( not fish kibbles) she never refuse. You can try mixing Bobby's regular meal with chicken liver too.
Oh by the way, I notice that whenever my dog is unhappy, she loss her appetite too. Maybe, Bobby by any change is unhappy because he knows the blueys are up for adoption & someday they might leave him? It will be nice if Indy can accept the blueys, then you can consider the blueys permanent resident in your house. Just my opinion.
But if really someone with kind heart will take the blueys someday, I hope the new place will be as great as your place.

cw lee said...

I totally agreed with what Connie said about Bobby and the blueys

cw lee