Thursday, October 20, 2011

Indy and the Blueys

Late last night, Indy came back on his own several times. I think cats can read our minds, and I'm pretty sure of that. The cat expert can use all the available scientific research to tell me I'm wrong, I don't care. Say what you want.  

I think cats can read our minds to a certain extent. 

Whenever I blow a fuse and I'm alone in my room and even as I shed my first tear, Cow would be the first person to come to me. He'll look at me, nudge his face on my leg and "ask me what is wrong".  

Yes, cats can read our minds. 

I think Indy knows how upset I am over this whole thing (he staying away from home). Yet, it has happened and maybe it is very hard for him to reclaim his space in the house. It doesn't help also when Cow, Bunny & Cleo are so territorial. 

But Indy came back many times last night. 

Here's his visit last night, after midnight:

And oh, he touched noses with one of the Blueys, too... And for a few minutes, he watched them as they played with hide-and-seek, and even played with them for awhile.

Looking for the Blueys.

But these two are too smart. 

And they go all the way upstairs nowadays. When Bobby goes up to accompany me, the Blueys follow.

Where are you, Blueys?

Later, he just went inside a box to play by himself.

I know, Indy, you're trying your best to make me happy.

Thank you.

This morning, I went down to road to look for Indy and found him in my next-door neighbour's house. He was sitting on their clothes rack. He refused to come to me when I called him. Maybe he is not hungry. But at least I know he is safe. 

Indy has been through so much in life too. From a very bad start in life where he came with multiple infections as a kitten, he was "brought up" by Vixey. He became best of friends with Kimba, and lost Kimba in an accident. He then poured his everything into looking after Creamie and Crackers, but I got them adopted. On the night of the adoption, Indy and Vixey went out to the porch with me, and all three of us sat in silence. We missed Creamie and Crackers and we were together in our thoughts. When Vixey passed away of kidney failure (she was a pygmy cat), Indy became cranky for many days. Suki remained his friend from then on, but Suki also passed away later, and it was another blow for Indy. 

Poor Indy.... He has no other friend in my 6-cat colony now. He is a loner. We humans are his only friends and he used to "talk" to us whenever he comes back into the house. He would announce his arrival in a cute little noise that he makes. He longer does that now.  

When I foster kittens, it is ONLY done if no one else offers. It's not like I'm dying to foster kittens to prove a point. I'm just helping when the need arises. I am well aware that bringing in another kitten may not be fair to my 6 existing cats. How can I predict how it would affect them? And if bonds are formed, and they would be, how would it affect my cats when the kittens get adopted?

Maybe I need to seriously reconsider this after the Blueys are adopted.

It is not right to say that animals are "just" animals and that they have no feelings. 

They do. 


Anonymous said...

Dr Chan,

This article may be of use to you:

chankahyein said...

Thank you!

Nazirah said...

love Indy

Anonymous said...

Yes. Cats, and perhaps more animals have are a lot more caring than we give them credits. IF I were sick and stayed in bed, my cats would stay around me and sleep with me. Not just because they are hungry.

My Singapore cat, Ginna, and her brother Alex are very closed. The reason I picked them up was because Alex was hissing at a big bully while Gina tried to eat. They were merely 3 or 4 weeks olk. Alex always watched out for Ginna, gave her a kiss when passes-by. A man about the house. But he was killed by a car accident.

Gina was heart-broken. She stood and meowed at every doors, kitchen units and I had to open them to let her see that Alex is not hiding inside. That went on for a week and she was so heart-broken she refused to eat. That is how devotion a cat can. After that I am her only closes companion. She never close to another cat again. She passed away peacefully in her sleep 3 years ago at 24-1/2. Her brother only 11 months. Can you imagine her suffering and lost? And remembered this is animal's age.

The same with Timbleje. Each time I came back from my trips and she would be in front of the door waiting. She heard my foot-steps! And my trips sometime lasted for more months.

And Zeno. She hates me because I love to tease her and cuddle her like a baby. It is a game and she would gone mad and ran away. AND yet each time when I came back from my trips, I would find my clothes in the middle of the living room ... she is very good in opening doors, any locks .. I think it was her message to my husband ... here is her clothes, where is that horrible woman :) !!!

I love all my cats. YET I have one rule: I do not buy cat/animal, I do not go to a shelter. I ONLY take in cats when we crossed each other's path. They have to be sick, lack of food, kitten. I broke my rule only once when my old neighbour passed away and the family were taking her cats to the shelter.

YES. Responsibilities AND the willingness to have an abnormal life and your furnitures ruined, and take care of them in the most decent way you can afford.

INDY will come back and your home will be whole again. I am very sure. He just needs time to figure out the best way to deal with the changes. Just like us, some can pick up and quickly adjust. Some not.