Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Intruder alert! Intruder alert!!

This morning, someone's cat came into our backyard and perched himself on Tiger's sentry post...

It's a dark grey cat with a bushy tail...

There was a strange noise in the kitchen and Tiger and Cow were staring out the window....

Tiger was the first on the scene....after all, it's Tiger's sentry post that had been invaded.

The intruder was not in the least disturbed by Tiger's meows of protest (which, were really not intimidating at all, but that's the best Tiger could do, he is Gandhi personified, remember?).

Cow came to give his moral support. But he also played by Tiger's rules - strictly Ahimsa - No Violence.

The intruder stood his ground. I brought some food out, thinking he might be hungry.

Mr Intruder, that's my sentry post. I'd appreciate it if you could please find one of your own.

Mr Intruder obviously spoke a different cat dialect. He was absolutely unperturbed by it all.

Meow, meow...

Oh well, since you're here....do have some food, I offered.

But no, he's obviously had breakfast, and a hearty one, too. He did not even sniff at the food.

Tiger climbs onto the other pillar now, determined to get back his sentry post...but through peaceful means. 

Please...that's my sentry post.

Bunny listens from inside the house.

Maybe there's some feline ethics here...he cannot interfere.

I'll ask you nicely again, Mr Intruder, please leave.

My husband was afraid a fight would break out and someone might get hurt, so he asked me to sprinkle water on Mr Intruder to make him leave. I did, but Mr Intruder wasn't the least bit disturbed at all.

The Blueys wanted to know what the commotion was all about....

Can we help?  Can we help? 

Tiger's meows and peaceful negotiation (no hissing, no growling at all - this is Gandhi-in-action, truly) finally worked. Mr Intruder started walking away.

Tiger checks his sentry post....every inch of it.

Cow watches from the kitchen.

Okay, all's well, my help is not needed.

Is it over yet? Everything okay? We can help, you know... Do you need any help? 

This whole afternoon, Tiger remained on his perch....keeping watch.

Cow helped, and kept Tiger company.

Taking a nap....

Back on the job.

And a day's work is done.


Yen Ling said...

Tiger :)

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for sharing these pics, taken with much patience and perseverance.... I like the last 3 pics in particular. If only we could be half as agile and 'balanced'.