Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sunny pictures on a Saturday

Rozita sent these a few days ago....

Rozita writes:

My future alpha male in the making. He's very attached to me lately. Sits with me whenever I'm watching tv. Together with Bear n Foxy, baking time all 3 will b assisting me at the oven. Besides the smell of fresh cookies, its the heat of the oven they just can't live without :)

 This is Honeybear, codenamed "Bear" (it sure sounds more cool!)

Foxy, the little lady.

The Sunnies were rescued by a student in KL; they were found abandoned in a box by the roadside. Nobody offered to foster them, so I took them in. On the first day, Honeybear, the smallest, threw about 7 seizures. The vet said he'd either make it or not, and there was nothing we could do about it. I held him close to my heart every time he had a seizure. The seizures stopped that night. Honeybear had made it. 

I looked after them for almost two months before putting them up for adoption. Rozita responded and she sounded the perfect adopter...and she is!

When I see updated photos of the Sunnies, I thank the heavens that they are in such a good, safe and loving home. They are so, so blessed. 

Thank you, Rozita. 


Joy E. Saga said...

Good job Rozita - see how beautiful they have become! I wish the person who threw them away could see them now ... ! And regret it for the rest of their lives :-p

chen said...

Gosh! Look at the big wide smile on Rex's face. Happy happy.

carol said...

Can't believe how they have grown! They are so blessed crossed path with you and then Rozita.

ManekiNeko said...

It's a joy to read such a success story. Thank you!