Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Blueys to the vet's...for vaccination

A few adopters have expressed interest in adopting the Blueys. Thank you for writing in. We (Winnie, Punitha and I) are in the process of vetting all the applications, so your patience is most appreciated. 

I wanted to get the Blueys vaccinated before handing them over to their new forever family, so off we went to the vet's...

The vet said Bagheera was "all muscle". Real solid stuff. Yes, with all the jungle gym activity in the room, she would be!

However, Baloo took the injection very well, but not Bagheera. She was completely stunned. 

Bagheera still looking stunned. 

The vet expects her to be down and feverish for 48 hours. She might not even eat, she said. But Baloo ought to be fine. No reaction to the injection at all.

True enough, Bagheera did not feel well all night. She meowed loudly when carried. I think it must be painful all over for her.

But Baloo was up and about like nobody's business, playing with the ball.

By the way, that green thing you see is a new stand-fan in my room. Cow & Bunny's spraying has completely destroyed my trusty old table fan which has served me well for so many years. It was completely rusted and condemned. Sigh...their spraying is getting very expensive to maintain!

Ball game!!

Bagheera is down and out. 

But Baloo wants to play...

Come on, sister...let's play.

Oh well....

This morning, Bunny, as usual, came in for baby food.

Both ate, but Bagheera is not so active still.

They both had a quick ballgame, though.

I hope Bagheera feels better soon.

Vaccination has its pros and cons. There is a school of thought that completely discourages vaccinations due to the toxicity in its contents. I used to subscribe to that, preferring all things to be natural, but I realised soon after that we do NOT live in a natural world anymore and diseases abound. So, now, I do the first three vaccinations for the first year and after that, it is once in three years (which even my vet agrees with) or we might even taper it off. Bobby doesn't get vaccinated anymore. 

Once, we had a very bad feline flu outbreak and all six were down with flu. But they all recovered. It was a nightmare for me, but I think their baby vaccinations could very well have saved their lives. Bunny had it real bad that time, and in fact, he brought on the flu. Bunny is FIV+. But he made it, after two weeks of nursing care. My greatest nightmare is when Bunny falls sick. His immune system is clearly compromised. However, Tiger is also FIV+, but does not display any suppressed immunity. I can't help thinking it is because Tiger had three acupuncture treatments before and maybe that got the qi flowing right again?

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