Monday, October 3, 2011

Indy has an issue

Indy seems to have an issue with someone. I'm not sure if it's the Blueys or Pole, or even Cow. 

He has been distancing himself a lot, refusing to come back even for breakfast. And every day, I have to go bring him back from the neighbour's (3 houses away).  

When he comes back, he hisses at the Blueys, and practically everyone. He seems terrified of Pole too, but these two have been at loggerheads for sometime now. I guess it's because both of them live outside, so there is a territorial issue outside?

Issue with Cow.

I had to bring him back this evening, and by the way, he finished the last dose of his 2-week course of antibiotics today. 

He hissed at everyone in the house, and he bit my hair, as though complaining about something. He just kept biting and biting non-stop as I carried him back. 

I think he feels insecure because of the Blueys. 

Indy has always been really nice about everything. He would come back and make this cute little noise, calling us, or announcing his arrival and asking for food. 

He doesn't even come back now. I have to go carry him back. He just sits on the culvert of the neighbour's house.

I hope Indy settles his issues soon.  

Meanwhile, we have potential adopters for the Blueys and we're in the process of vetting the applicants.  

You'll see why I cannot adopt another cat. My existing six are just too territorial. It's either they would start chasing the new cats, or they pack their bags and run away from home.  

Such sensitive creatures, aren't they?  


jude how said...

some times they are sensitive but if take too long is best to bring your animal to the vet to see what can be solve on and take perversion too.

Juz Call Me Sharz said...

same just like my BABY girl..she's now sleep outside and come back when she want to eat..if we want to play with her we will lock her in a room for a night but she's okay and sleep like a baby but next day she will go outside and back 3days later to eat..she become like that when i adopt a female kitten called MOJA..after MOJA get pregnant BABY so annnoyed with MOJA..maybe because she jealous with MOJA have babies and her babies is gone when she's giving birth...but MOJA still be friendly with BABY..its funny whenever BABY see MOJA she will hissing and get angry but MOJA act like normal...ouh and BABY also afraid with MOJAs babies.. :))