Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Blueys get a feather

We bought a feather for the Blueys today...and they had a ball!

We first played with them in the usual way...and after WE got tired, they took over the feather and created their own "catch me if you can" game. There were even rules - if one has got the feather, they other would not be allowed to snatch it away. The other could only watch. Who created the rules? I think it's more like Bagheera wanted to play, and Baloo decided to give in and let her play! 

 It's mine, it's mine!

 Okay, I'll wait for my turn.

 Bagheera takes the feather away in her mouth.

 He he he...all mine!

 Er...may I play too?

When's my turn?

Baloo reminds me of Rex and Foxy - I'll bet she's descended from French aristocrats with impeccable manners. 

We later played with them again and made sure each one had her turn.

They had a ball!

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