Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Blueys are fine and dandy (morning updates)

Last night, I was only able to see the photographs that Andy sent at about 10.30pm. This is no thanks to my streamyx...sigh. Ever since unifi came about, streamyx has really slackened.  I'm getting unifi at my new place.  

Anyway, I was a bit concerned when I saw the stand-fan being put near to the table. The Blueys love to climb AND Baloo is fascinated by fan blades. Andy had told me yesterday that he was worried the air-cont might be too cold for the Blueys, so he got them a fan instead.  

Previously, I was using a table fan and it was far too dangerous. Baloo would climb up on the table, and all OVER the fan. 

That did it.  I removed the fan and gave it away. In its place, I got a stand-fan and it is raised to the highest, and positioned away from the table so that the Blueys cannot possibly get to it.

So, when I saw the stand-fan within accessible distance from the table in the photo, I was a little worried. 

But it was already 10.30pm and everyone had left the office. I texted Mr Teh and wrote an email to Andy about it. But it was late and I'll bet they had gone to bed.  

And all night, I prayed either the fan is off, or Baloo won't get to the fan, somehow.  

Early this morning, Mr Teh got the message and quickly replied saying yes, he would certainly look into it and would get a wall fan instead. I said it isn't necessary. Just raise the fan up high enough so that they Blueys can't get to it. And move it away from the table. 

This morning, I texted Andy to enquire about the Blueys and told him about the fan, and phew....no mishaps.  

Everything is fine.  

The Blueys had whacked all the food left since last night, and it was a lot, too. They had also poo-ed and pee-ed. Andy says he might get a second litter-box for them so that they can have more poo-pee space.

So, all is well.  No worries, everyone.

The Blueys are fine and dandy. 


Anonymous said...

Share some pictures with us too. I'm sure there are some of us would like to see updates on the Blueys as well.

chankahyein said...

Dear Anon,
The pictures are here: http://www.myanimalcare.org/2011/10/blueys-first-day-in-their-new-home.html

LOTS of them!