Monday, August 5, 2013

Still no sign of Willy anywhere


I continued looking for Willy but could not find him anywhere.

Then, as I was thinking back, it dawned on me that maybe, just maybe, his owner had taken him back again.

How is that so?

I don't know if you remember, but I first spotted Willy and Vincent together. Both had come into the patio, but Vincent managed to stay while Willy ran away. That was the day a neighbour moved out. I guessed they left Vincent and Willy behind, so both of them came to our patio to look for food.

Then, while Vincent stayed, Willy tried coming back many times. But, because he was so scared, he never had the courage to stand his ground and stay.

Remember this: (23rd January 2013).

That's why I named him after a conqueror (Willy of Orange) so that he will be braver.

Then, I spotted Willy mooching around in the playground and hanging around outside that house for a few weeks:, and then, suddenly he totally disappeared.

Completely GONE.

He was gone a for a few weeks, and suddenly, one day, I saw his owners coming back to the house, and Willy appeared again. Ever since then, he had never failed to come to his breakfast spot twice a day to wait for his meals.

I guess his owners could have taken him away, and brought him back again.

According to my part-time cleaner, there are still many cats in cages in that house and someone feeds them. I don't know how far that is true, though.

So, assuming that is true, I conjecture the following:

1. Maybe the owners took him yesterday and decided to keep him somewhere else (in their other house).

2. Maybe the owners took him and caged him together with the rest of the cats in that house down my road.

3. Maybe someone adopted him yesterday.

I doubt any accident happened because if it did, the security guard would have known about it. I drove around the playground this morning and did not any signs of any accident.

By the way, Mr Zurik came just now. I asked him about Willy, know, I didn't understand what Mr Zurik said. He actually didn't say anything,...he just looked at me.

If only Vincent could talk....surely he would know what had happened.

Willy, wherever you are, please be safe and be happy.


Mei perky said...

Really Hope that willy is safe n happy, for those who hv gone through what u hv experinced now, will definately share yr feeling......

chankahyein said...

Thank you. I am staying optimistic and wishing him my best.