Monday, August 26, 2013

WHO bit this hole in the packet of food?!!

No, it's not the Primal that got bitten....


The Primal is safely tucked away in the fridge. But each time I open the fridge, at least one cat would be around.

So what got bitten?


Tuscan Natural!

My inside and outside broods are CRAZY about Tuscan. But not as crazy as they are about Primal, though.


I don't know who did this, but I know earlier on, Vincent had already bitten a hole in this packet (which I've tied up with rubber bands).

They don't bite the Equilibrio packet, though. So either the smell does not penetrate through or the plastic in Equilibrio is more hardy, I don't know.

With so many mouths to feed, I cannot afford to just give them Primal and Monge alone. I rely on Natural Balance, Equilibrio and Tuscan too. I should buy market fish and steam for the outside brood (they love it, but the inside ones would just stick their noses into the air and walk away). Apart from that, I have a bit of a personal problem handling chicken meat or any other meat. I tried, though...but it's a know. So I have to resort to bought food. Also, I don't really know if the organic meat is really organic or if the kampung chicken is really kampung. In Malaysia, do we have any authority that checks on this?


This was dinner yesterday. It was Primal with Natural Balance.


Timmy finished his share in one gulp and was walking around looking at the other bowls.

I thought I should praise him for not stealing food.

Good boy, Timmy....!


Then he came into the house.

I didn't know where he went, actually...I was busy cleaning up at the patio and then...




Quickly, I transferred my rice into another container in order to use the rice container to store the Tuscan kibbles. Cats...what you would do for their sake!


I wonder if Tuscan Natural would be interested in these photos, by any chance?


Everyone came, even Heidi.

This morning, there was another episode at the patio. I didn't have my camera with me, so I'd just have to tell you the story.

Breakfast was Primal with Monge. Mr Zurik was here, so as soon as I had served everyone, I quickly went out to look for Willy.

Willy was across the road waiting for me. Upon seeing me with the bowl of food, he came running to his breakfast spot. I laid his bowl down and in a matter of minutes, guess who was right behind me?

Mr Zurik.

I am very sure he hadn't finished eating his food yet, but he just had to come out to intimidate Willy.

Willy froze, but continued eating and I had come out "unarmed" (without my water-gun), so I was at a loss as to what to do. So as MacGyver would use whatever he can find around him to solve a problem, I picked up the fallen leaves around and use them to shoo Mr Zurik away from Willy.

I could almost hear Mr Zurik laughing his Russian head off.


как немой ты...!!  (That's "ROFLMAO" in Russian. In case you belong to the older generation, that's "Roll on Floor Laughing my Ass off".)

But make no mistake about this, my leaves managed to keep Mr Zurik at bay, but it also made me look quite silly....

After awhile, Willy decided to spare me from my clownish acts and he crossed the road. By now, Mr Zurik was just hanging around the drain and Heidi, with her spiky hair, was at the gate.

Why is Heidi's hair spiked up?  Well, she has a bald patch right on top of her head, so I've been applying Johnson's Baby Oil on it. Hence, the spiked hair which makes her look quite "punkish".


I brought Willy's food over to him.


By now, everyone else had come out as well.

mini-20130825_081631 mini-20130825_081646

Mr G remained inside.

After the whole fiasco was over, I went back into the house...


...only to find Mr Zurik inside the kitchen.

What can I do for you, Mr Zurik?


Timmy was sniffing around for scraps at the patio.


The mild-mannered ones had already come into the house.


 And Madame with the spiky hair is here, on her special "throne".

I had earlier thought that Heidi was a not-very-alert cat who wasn't aware of her surroundings. She would go to the middle of the road and sit down. Most of the time, her mouth would be open and it made her look a little confused. The only time she was very sure what she wanted was when she demanded for food. Yes, demand and not ask! Other than that, she seemed and looked rather confused.

But now, after keen observation for two days, we may well be wrong.

Here's what my husband had observed about Heidi at the taiqi grounds...


Yesterday was Heidi at the taiqi grounds and a silky terrier was passing by, unleashed. This terrier takes morning walks with his owner every day. Daffodil was nearby too and the moment the terrier approached, Daffodil fled (faster than lightning) and was nowhere to be seen. What did Heidi do? She just looked at the Terrier approaching, yes, with her mouth open, and continued looking, body slightly hunched in preparation for defence, but she only looked and soon, the terrier trotted past her (no offence to dogs, but I think the terrier probably didn't even see her). And the terrier was no issue for Heidi. But Daffodil was long gone by then.

Today, Heidi was sitting at the pavilion. One of the two white cats came by and one jumped up and sat next to her. Heidi merely looked at the white cat. Then, the white cat hunched and hissed at Heidi. Heidi just looked, without flinching even a wee bit. Finally, the white cat jumped down and walked away. Heidi remained sitting at the pavilion.

So, what do you make of Heidi, folks?

Is she so unaware of danger or....


We will never know, would we?

After all, isn't she from the German secret service? You know, pretty much like the equivalent of "M" in James Bond (Dame Judi Dench).


Sie wissen nie.


Chen said...

Heidi's open mouth habit is probably what the animal experts call the flehmen response. See here for an example: And see here for a more scientific description of it: This means that her so called confused look is actually the madame doing an investigation and survey of all that had happened and passed by around her.

chankahyein said...

LOL!! The Flehmen Response!!

Wil Yong said...

Timmy: come on everyone! Buffet time! XD

Yen Ling said...

Timmy : I'll go straight to the source!

Heidi, what's your age?

Dayana said...

i am officially a fan of Heidi!

chankahyein said...

Heidi's Fan Club Membership: 1 (one). Heidi says: Danke!

Joy E. Saga said...

Timmy is a smart cat ... he quietly fooled us into thinking that his diet is on track, when he actually, was snacking on the side :D
No wonder after a month diet, I don't see any reduction on his waistline! Hehe