Tuesday, August 20, 2013

When it rains...

Yesterday, we witnessed one of the most furious and heaviest rain in Subang Jaya. I was in class when the rain started and in no time, it seemed like water was just pouring from the sky. I had to cross the road to get my lunch, and I was practically wading through 4 inches of water gushing down the road. Water was flowing, and it was 4 inches high!

Anyway, I finally made it into my car and started driving home.

As I was passing under a ramp, I noticed a brown dog taking shelter under the ramp. The dog looked worried. I remember there is a "famous" pack of dogs around this area. I've seen them many times. They would cross the road precariously and thankfully, the cars would slow down to avoid them. This brown dog must have been separated from the pack due to the heavy rain. The dog really looked worried.

I was driving and could not stop. Even if I could, what could I have done? I cannot possibly catch the dog and bring her home. With 15 cats, and 8 or 9 roaming freely, a dog would frighten all the cats away and this wouldn't be fair on the cats. Moreover, there is a possibility this dog belonged to someone too. Maybe she's not from the pack that I often see.

My heart went out for this brown dog. As I made the u-turn, I saw muddy water gushing furiously down the huge drains below. I shuddered to think if any puppy or kitten had been washed away in the rain. As I continued driving, only one thing was in my mind. Neuter, neuter, neuter. Please neuter the street animals and let them not breed anymore.  That is perhaps what is needed most to save them, so to speak. And I thought about some people whom I've spoken to, claiming that their beliefs forbade them to get animals neutered. Some say it's natural for animals to breed and that we cannot interfere with Nature. Goodness gracious, then don't destroy the jungles, don't build housing estates, don't even clear the lands for farming. We have already interfered so much, and in so many more destructive ways than getting animals neutered (if that can be even called "destructive" at all).

I was almost reaching home as my thoughts wandered to my home brood. I know Bunny & Friends will be safe as they are indoors. They are all probably crowding in the room. But what about Daffodil, Rosie and all the rest? What about small little Heidi? Where were they?  I was already thinking about them the moment the rain had started.

I reached home and quickly went in to the house. I was relieved to find everyone safe. Rosie and Ginger were sitting on the dining chairs. Timmy, Vincent, Daffodil and Mr G were in the patio, huddling closely. Mr Zurik was in the porch, feeling a little out of place.

But where was Heidi?

mini-20130819_124823 mini-20130819_124826 mini-20130819_124844

Inside, of course everyone was safe.

mini-20130819_124920 mini-20130819_124930

Soon, after about half an hour, Heidi suddenly appeared in the living room.


The lower half of her body was wet.

Ginger was concerned and went over to touch nose, but she whacked Ginger with her paw.

Our matriarch will not be "mothered". I quickly got a towel and wiped her dry, but she didn't like it.

mini-20130819_140252 mini-20130819_160839

On a cold day...being able to sit on a blanket is heavenly.


While we rejoice that the animals under our care are safe and sound, and warm.

How many more are not...out there?

Many, many, and many.

So, please join us in our efforts to get as many street animals neutered and rehomed, folks.

They need our help so much.


Lester Hiew said...

i could not help but to agree on neutering the stray animals especially dogs on my side. countless worries for these animals.

Maneki Neko said...

Your argument for spaying here is so spot on -- an urban environment is not a natural one for animals, so let's not use 'unnatural' as an excuse not to spay/neuter.

Aznita said...

I had the same worry yesterday as I have 2 indoor cats and 8 outdoor cats. They always appear safe after heavy rain but I never stop worrying about them whenever it rains.
Sometimes I wonder how people can be indifferent to the plight of stray animals but at least there are people like us who do care and we just have to work harder for the sake of our four legged friends.

Wong Yoke Mei said...

Well said. My motto, do more and share your experience and explain to others about your work. Educate more people around you to understand the plight of the strays and explain about TNRM. Whether they understand or not, agree or disagree, it doesn't matter. You can't force someone to accept our own point of view, but we can trigger an idea in their mind. I hope that these people will remember what I said to them when they see a helpless stray on the street and I hope with that little idea I put forward to them, their compassion heart will shine, eventually.