Sunday, August 11, 2013

The orange bricks

During the four days that Willy went missing in action, I would go out of the house at every half hour interval to look for him and each time, I would hope I'd see him at three possible spots - near the fire hydrant, at the steps or at my culvert.

The first spot I'd look would be my culvert, then the fire hydrant and as I looked in that direction, I would see this and there would be a spark in my heart...

Presentation1 mini-20130811_101703

From far, this orange object resembles a cat, doesn't it?

But upon closer examination...

mini-20130811_101725 mini-20130811_101747

Perception, folks....we see what our mind and heart wants us to see!


It's like the rabbit and the duck story - what do you see?

Anyway, ever since Willy reappeared (returned from his MI-6 missions), he doesn't appear as often as he used to. For example, two days ago, he didn't come from dinner and this morning, he did not come for breakfast.

I guess he has a home on that perpendicular road to mine.

So this morning, I cycled round to that area to see if I could find any clues.

I saw two cats around there and they look like pets.


Here is one of them.

I really do hope Willy has a home. He is always welcome to come for meals, but it would be nice to know that he has a home to go back to each day and he has humans who love him.


Willy lounging at the playground, without a care in the world!


grace said...

There are actually some pattern where cats do roam as discovery by the show:

chankahyein said...

Yes, I published that documentary too. It's interesting!