Sunday, August 4, 2013

Oh no, Tabs!! What did you do?!!


Ever since Connie painstakingly grew these four pots of catnip for me, I've been taking really, really good care of them, waiting for the day when I can harvest them and let the cats enjoy them. I even make sure I don't over-water, knowing that the roots cannot take too much water.

This afternoon, we were watching TV and Tabs asked to come out. We let her out and she had a free roam of the whole house.

It was only in the evening that we went into the kitchen and found that Tabs had dug up several of the catnip plants!!!

Oh no!!! I quickly salvaged as much of the remaining plants as I could.

No photos here....sobs...(I managed to salvage some of them).

Now what to do with the ones Tabs had dug out?


Let the cats have it, of course.

Remember Indy is the one who is crazy about catnip pillows?


He went completely "high" on them.


Cleo started chewing on them too.


You want some, Cow?


 Cow wasn't interested at all!

I hope to replant the young shoots soon. Would have to keep them away from the clutches of Tabs this time!!

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Chen said...

Heheh. The dangers of planting catnip with cats :D For some cats, catnip is an acquired taste, after awhile they might learn to love it.