Monday, August 12, 2013

Snow White comes back for supper

Snow White came to the patio after dinner this evening, but she was too afraid to stay and ran off when I tried to offer her some food.

But I guess hunger got to her and she came again, half an hour ago.

This time she stayed and did not even flinch when I poured some kibbles into the bowl in front of her.

However, guess who tried to intimidate her?

Mr G!

Yes, her housemate, Mr G - tried to wrestle the food from her.

So, to pacify everyone...


Note: Our Timmy Two Bowls is NOT eating.

I think good ol' Timmy deserves a pat of the back, don't you think so?


Was afraid Rosie would kick up a fuss, but she did not.

mini-20130811_223107 mini-20130811_223207

Stormtrooper Vincent was okay too. He stayed inside the house.

mini-20130811_223422, no, no supper, Timmy.


Heidi also came to join in the nightcap.

mini-20130811_223440 mini-20130811_223922

Looks like Snow White found herself a niche amongst the trays of food and decided she'd stay the night.

I've lost touch with school, but are the Raya holidays over yet? If so, Snow White and Mr G's owner should be back today.


Look at Timmy!


Eric Hoffer said that the search for happiness is one of the chief sources of unhappiness....but this probably only applies to humans, because animals KNOW how to be happy, they don't have to search!

Way to go, Timmy!!

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