Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Primal Breakfast Mania!

Since Primal is quite pricey and I am feeding 7 inside and 8 outside (that's a total of 15 regular diners) with the occasional guests, ie. Willy and Snow White, I had a brainwave this morning.

And since everyone likes to eat Primal neat (dry, without adding water), I thought I'd mix their regular wetfood with Primal. This way, I save a bit AND they get Primal with moisture from the wetfood.


I mixed Monge with Primal nuggets!!


Cats' sense of smell is SO good, the Patio Family already knew something special was in store.

But the house rules is that Bunny and his people must be fed first. Fair's fair, so I always feed them first.


Total mania, folks!!

(Cleo is on the washing machine.)

I scooped equal portions for everyone and RAN for my life (before they asked for more)!


For the Patio Family, I mixed Natural Balance with Primal nuggets.

Why Nat Bal? Well, because of Heidi. She seems to be better able to eat Nat Bal as it's all blended.

By the way, Heidi has "advanced" from her soupy porridge to eating Nat Bal "neat" now. In fact, she doesn't want the added water anymore.


Everyone was truly excited.

Er...but Mr Zurik and Vincent were at it again...


But Primal solved the problem!

Eat first, eat first, fight later please.


I crushed the Primal for Heidi and she ate it all up.


Willy is still missing in action.

It must be a long-drawn mission he went on this time.


The playground is actually a haven and a heaven for the neighbourhood cats.

I went cycling today and had time to stop and stare after that. The neighbourhood cats hang out in the playground every morning. Lots of birds chirp happily from the old, mature trees, and the cats play stalking with them. They won't be able to catch the birds as there is plenty of space for the birds to fly off and the trees are tall.

I saw a pair of white cats (probably sisters) in the playground. I know they come from a nearby house as I see them every morning.

Heidi was accompanying my husband while he did his taiqi. She's just so happy at the basketball court as she gets to roll around while giving herself a good body rub.

Rosie was at the playground too, but she did not venture far.

If only we could release our titans for a romp, what a joy that would be - so many trees to climb, so much space to run and play.


Mr Zurik watched from our gate. He does not come to the playground.

KGB dictates that he keeps within his jurisdiction and a good soldier always obeys.


What's left of the Primal Breakfast Mania.


Yups, no need to wash the bowls!

I'll bet Bunny and Friends didn't have enough for today, but Hara Hachi Bu, remember?

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