Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bushy Calico's visit

Bushy Calico is also from Mr G's house.

She visited this morning and caused quite a furore!

Pole was up in arms and had gone onto the ledge to counter the "attack".


Indy was second-in-command in today's mission.

mini-20130814_091518 mini-20130814_091523

Hello, can I join you folks?

(You wouldn't want to, dear, if you know what's good for you!)

mini-20130814_091639 mini-20130814_091653

Mr G was at the patio.

mini-20130814_091702 mini-20130814_091714

Pole was on full alert...all ready to attack.


Bushy Calico went up on the roof and made a lot of thumping noises.

mini-20130814_092420 mini-20130814_092422

I managed to get Pole to come down.

Was afraid she would actually find a way from the ledge onto the roof and that would be my greatest nightmare.


Cleo is not much bothered about illegal entries.

Just don't mess with her and you'll be fine.

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Joy E. Saga said...

I'm wondering now if your neighbour actually did board her cats ... hope the rest are cared for and not hungry