Saturday, August 31, 2013

Another change of taste

My brood, inside and outside, LOVE Monge. There's no two ways about it. They love Monge and that's that.

It's just me who wants to give them a variety of foods.

So a friend asked me to try Avoderm.

Avoderm contains carrageenan, by the way. So does Natural Balance. But Monge has no carrageenan. It uses broth to bind the meat.


I tried the Ocean Fish yesterday but they didn't like it, so today, it's the Chicken.

Verdict: They liked it; it was "okay", they said.

The outside brood, well, they like everything...except Natural Balance Ocean Fish.

By the time I came into the room again...


Everyone had finished but there were bits and pieces left in the bowls.

It wasn't a clean sweep like Monge.

mini-20130830_172448 mini-20130830_172458 mini-20130830_172503

Everyone was busy grooming after dinner.

But where is Cow?


He's here watching the outside people.


The Patio Family was also grooming after dinner.


Soon, Indy came to take over guard duty. promised, my camera was ready for collection today!! To cut a most evil story short, I had to look for the shop to collect it from and it was located in one of the shopping malls which I dare not venture into alone. You see, I am severely lacking in spatial intelligence and coupled with mild dyslexia, I have great difficulty in remembering directions and finding my way around. So, if I may digress, I have the greatest empathy for my students who cannot do Mathematics. They probably lack logical-mathematical intelligence but are very likely whizz-kids at some other tasks. But then, why do they want to become engineers? I certainly have no ambition of becoming a tour guide, that's for sure.

So, I'll find myself saying to my students: You just cannot see the logic, can you? And they will stare blankly at me and blink.

But similarly, I'll have people shout at my face: My goodness, don't you know which is your left and which is your right? And I will stare blankly at them and blink too.

To each his own, yes? Nobody's perfect. camera's back!!!  And yes, it's not perfect, but here are some really nice photos I took just now:

mini-CIMG8424 mini-CIMG8425 mini-CIMG8426



Hooray!!  My camera's back!!

And if it fails again, I've already checked out a Canon at the shop just now....  Nothing fanciful or even semi-professional. No, no. It's just a point-and-shoot. But it is small, slim...and one was even pink in colour. It would go nicely with my pink bicycle!


Juliana said...

Huzzah for the return of th camera! Hope there won't be any problems with it for a long long time... But if it does happen, I'd offer a thumbs up to the Canon. Their customer service has always been good to us -- once they upgraded out camera model FOC at the service center because they no longer had parts for our current model. Talk about customer service.

BTW, I keep hesitating with Monge. Every time I want to try, I find the cans so small! I keep thinking I'd have to buy at least double if not more to match the Natural Balance.

chankahyein said...

Wow...and to think I gave away my previous Canon! Monge - do check it out first: The supplier has actually allowed us to raise funds with Monge as well, but we find posting too costly as it is heavier compared with Primal. But if you live near Subang Jaya, you can get from us directly. It's RM10 for 3 cans and all proceeds go to our Fund as well.

Faizati said...

In that case can i get my monge stocks from you? It's so hard to get monge esp if im buying in large quantity - im always running out of stock. You could be my saviour! How do i place my order? Thanks

chankahyein said...

Yes, you can. Please write to me at and let me know the flavours you want. We sell in multiples of 3. 3 cans for RM10. Thanks! You can mix flavours, of course.