Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Catnip Conference continues...

As everyone was busy at the Catnip Conference, suddenly I heard the sound of a wild cat screaming in the porch. It was a catfight, no doubt about it.

Mr Zurik!!!!  You again!!

I rushed to the window and lo and behold....who did I see?


 It was Willy!

Willy had braved the odds (or was he just so hungry?) and had come in through the gate only to have Dame Heidi fend him off. I tell you, this madame has quite a screech.


So I quickly brought some food for Willy and I was really hoping that this would be the start of Willy eating in the porch. That way, I wouldn't have to feed him outside and incur the wrath of un-cat-friendly neighbours.

And while Willy was eating (or so I thought), I had to take care of things inside.


When Heidi meets Tabs....sparks could also fly.

Sorry folks...blurry photos. My camera!!!


How many precious shots have I missed in this one month because of incompetent repair-people.


Tabs decided to have a little catnip conference of her own.


She eats the young wheatgrass shoots straight from the pot.

Yups, you cannot get it any fresher, Tabs.


Heidi knows who to butter so that she gets a place in the house.


Another one for the album, folks.

It's the Tabby Troopers in conference.


Ginger is not eyeing at the catnip now. He is eyeing at...




Yes, mangosteens!


By the time I went out again, Willy had gone to the playground.

Did he even manage to eat?


 Looks like not, because after an hour, he came back and waited at his usual spot.

I fed him again, but not without another adventure. It was the classic fending off intruders, but this time the intruder was...Mr G! I did not take any photos as my phone battery had run out and it was too dark too.

Poor Willy had to hide inside the drain until we got Mr G shooed away and that wasn't easy.

Willy finally managed to have a decent meal.


Joy E. Saga said...

Willy must have been very brave to take that huge leap of faith to enter your compound. 3 Cheers for Willy!

I bought the organic fertiliser (one that is made by the earthworms) and my catnip is thriving! If you want I can get a bag for you when i next pass by the nursery that I bought it from. I only bought a packet the other day to try. Quite a decent size bag for RM18

chankahyein said...

Thanks Joy!