Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Willy, Mr Zurik and Snow White

These would be our new guests who have not established a place for themselves yet...

This is what happened yesterday evening.


The only way to let Snow White eat in peace is to cage her.


The poor girl...she has been giving birth every 2-3 months. The owner says she could not catch her in time to be spayed. Hopefully, she can, after this round.


Meanwhile, Willy waited for me across the road.

Looks like he's not upset I cleaned his buttocks in the morning.


Hi Willy!


He was very hungry this time.

I gave him wetfood, and later, ID kibbles. But I didn't want to overdose it, of course.


Heidi likes to keep Willy company. They are playground friends.


We had to keep Mr Zurik at bay while Willy was eating.

Mr Zurik...he is really, really mischievous!


He even comes into the house now.


Meanwhile, this pack of Tuscan is "asking for trouble". Vincent has been trying to bite a hole in it.

mini-20130813_160951 mini-20130813_160956

Where Vincent fails, Rosie takes over.


No, Rosie, no!

Here are photos of Bunny & his happy friends, after dinner...


The titans.

mini-20130813_185550 mini-20130813_185600

 Click!! You're on candid camera!!


Joy E. Saga said...

You caught Snow White pretty easily. Maybe you can help your neighbour catch her and then send her over in a carrier ;)

era said...

u've already have 4 mats!

chankahyein said...

I just managed to contact my neighbour about Snow White. She says Snow White has actually already delivered 4 kittens! Oh? But she really looked pregnant to me...

chankahyein said...

Yes, actually there is one more which the girls love. We've just washed it. It's a normal bathroom mat.