Friday, August 2, 2013

Bunny's mischievous water-bowl game

For two days in a row now, I've caught Bunny red-handed toppling the water-bowl.

Not just any water-bowl, mind you.

It's the stainless steel water-bowl which comes in a holder, hooked onto the side of Pole's condo.

I didn't manage to take photos of how he unhooked the water-bowl as I'm still not very good with my phone camera, so I missed all those shots.

But here are some after he had unhooked the water-bowl.

The aim of the game is to unhook it, that's it.


As I fidgeted with my phone camera, Bunny unhooked the water-bowl and placed it on the ground!

mini-20130801_113745 mini-20130801_113750 mini-20130801_113753 mini-20130801_113834 mini-20130801_113843

 I think his next aim would be to take the water-bowl out of the holder!!

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Chen said...

So funny! Think what he could do if Bunny had opposable thumbs. My cat is also very crafty and everyday you can her thinking hard to devise some a new game or strategy. And I'll tell her not to think so hard and take a rest :D