Tuesday, August 27, 2013

At the Catnip Conference this afternoon...

Connie had painstakingly grown the catnip for me as my hopeless fingers could not even make them sprout.


This is the latest pot, but it looked much better the day Connie brought it over.

I caught Ginger plucking out the shoots this afternoon, so I quickly stuffed them back into the soil.


I'm trying to grow some catnip too, from the young shoots. The one on the left is wheatgrass and that's easy. Anyone can grow wheatgrass.

So, since Ginger (and don't know who else) is likely to pluck out all the catnip in no time, I thought I should cut a few strands for Indy to play with.

And I did....

mini-20130826_154625 mini-20130826_154635

Everyone congregated to see what the fuss was all about and why Indy was going crazy.


Indy's mad. I'm not going near there...


It was a conference alright...with Indy chairing the meeting.

But...where is Tabs?

Our girl was out and having a nice afternoon all by herself.


Here she is...


Doing Happy Days all by herself.


I swear...if my camera doesn't come back by this week, I'm going to buy a new one.


Daffodil's family does not intimidate Tabs, thank goodness.


It's Timmy, Mr G and Heidi who bully her.


Meanwhile, this is an unprecedented move...Cleo playing with Indy's old Ultraman catnip pillow. She has never done this ever before. Remember the time when Indy was so sick and we nearly lost him, about two years ago? Aunty Joy bought Indy this Ultraman catnip pillow and I've kept it even though it's...."heavily used". The other pillows are all gone, but this one, we must keep.

And whenever Tabs is out for her time-out, this is what you'd see....


Tiger will be watching out for her and waiting for her.

So, most of the time, we let Tiger out too.


 Ginger....please stay away from the catnip!

I gave him a cut strand, but he wasn't interested. I guess there is more fun in pulling out the plants from the pot! It is more fun to be mischievous, isn't it? The forbidden fruit is always sweeter!

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Joy E. Saga said...

My cat Kecik will also pull my green vegs from the pot, as well as my Lady's fingers' sprouts.. must be more fun that way. My wheatgrass I grow them in small containers and large tray and they love to sit in my large tray right in the middle of all the grass and chomp away. I don't mind, because I live in the middle of the sky and that is their access to the grass. Hence I need to grow a second tray for my own consumption :p

I noticed that when the catnip has flowers, after the flower wilts, they are new catnip shoots on the soil :D