Sunday, August 4, 2013

Willy, where are you?

Willy did not come for breakfast today.

Everyone was here, except Willy and Mr Zurik.

I waited at his breakfast spot and looked in the playground but he was nowhere to be seen.

Yesterday evening, when my husband came back at 3.30pm, he said Willy was waiting at his spot outside our house, so he fed Willy some kibbles. That was the last we saw of him.

The council grass-cutters have been here for the last few days to cut the grass, so I can only guess that he may have been frightened by them, but that's not likely as they were not here at all this morning. It's also not at all easy to catch Willy as he is so elusive and distrustful of humans. Even I have difficulty in catching him.

Before leaving for my talk, I drove around the whole neighbourhood and there was no Willy in sight. I asked the security guards, especially the chief guard who sees me feeding this "orange cat" twice a day, he says he has not seen Willy too.

As I was driving back, I kept wishing I'd see Willy waiting for me at his spot infront of our house when I drove back, but no, he was not there.

Now I'm back and I've just scoured the whole playground.

mini-20130804_125644 mini-20130804_125658 mini-20130804_125702

There was not a single cat at the playground, but that's because it's very hot now. So, usually the cats only come in the early mornings, and they would go off after that. I asked the chief security guard again (he patrols every road, even the alleys, on his motorbike), he says he has not seen the orange cat at all.

I can only hope Willy will turn up this evening for dinner, or hope that someone has taken him in as a pet. That's all I can do, really.

If it's any consolation, sometimes Mr Zurik doesn't come for a day too, but he will eventually turn up. Or maybe, like me, someone thought Willy was weak, and has caught him to give him shelter or wants to take him to the vet?

Willy, where are you?

Please join me in wishing Willy to be safe....


 Willy, please come.

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