Saturday, August 17, 2013

Of Willy and parallel universes

The last I fed Willy on Tuesday evening.

Ever since then, he has gone MIA again.

Probably on a mission somewhere. And by "somewhere", I don't mean only here and in this neighbourhood or even back to his kampung.

Yups, it's totally baffling, you know. He's just gone. Poof! Disappeared into thin air and is nowhere to be found.

I've learnt to accept that Willy will make these disappearing acts every now and then and can only hope he's safe, whichever parallel universe he is in.


No Willy here.


And none here too.


Heidi accompanied me as I went looking for Willy.

mini-6Meanwhile, Heidi has picked a fight with Tabs, Tiger and Mr far.

The madame is a real diva and matriach!


mei leng said...

I use to feed these two particular cats at my condo which also like to MIA. They can just disappear for a few days, few weeks and sometime, up to months and when i thought that they will never come back again and then ... they appear again ! These two cats disappearing acts have lasted for more than 1 and a half year and they are still continuing to "disappear". Each time when they appear in front of you, they were like telling you "heh, aren't you happy to c me again ?"

chankahyein said...

"The Secret Life of Cats"!! (like the BBC documentary) Or maybe, they were recruited for a secret mission that takes them away for a certain duration?