Wednesday, August 28, 2013

And how is Mr Quack these days??

Do you remember Mr Quack?

He is the terrorist on my street who bit Ginger until the poor boy's paw turned almost gangrenous and he created havoc on my street until I finally caught him (thanks to the assistance of Daffodil and Rosie):

After he was neutered, I couldn't return him to my street as we all know neutering may not change a cat's territorial behaviour (tell me about it, take a look at Cow, Bunny and Indy). Moreover, Ginger had spent two weeks in the cage due to that paw injury and I could not risk getting him attacked by Mr Quack again.

Mr Quack was enemies with everyone except Daffodil. The problem with him was that he attacked and bit.

So I put him up for adoption and a kind friend offered to take him.

What Mr Quack needed was a change of environment.

At my friend's house, he was wary of the new surroundings and did not dare bully any of her cats.

But he has remained a loner until today. However, he does have friends and these would be the tiny little kittens who would sit all around him. He quite enjoyed their company.

He still does not allow my friend to touch him, but he likes to sleep under her bed.

For stories on rehabilitating Mr Quack, please do a wordsearch on "Mr Quack" and you will see all the posts about him, before and after!

Meanwhile, my friend sent this photo:



Isn't this cute?


pooi ling said...

I were wondering abt mr quack and raven a few days ago. How is raven doing?

chankahyein said...

Raven is having a time of her life!

Maneki Neko said...

He's a lucky Quack! I know some adopters who have no interest in cats who are not manja. His new caretaker is lovely for just letting Mr. Quack be himself and enjoying him for what he is, as well as what he is not.