Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mr G's "bahasa ibunda"

Last night, we tried to get Mr G to go home. He was inside the house, lounging in our dining room.

So I told him to go home in Chinese.  He didn't budge. I told him to "go home" in English, he just looked at me.

Then, my husband said, "Mr G, balik!!"

And he scuttled off....but only to the patio and stayed there with Daffodil.

Was it the tone of the voice, or does Mr G only understand his "bahasa ibunda"?!!

mini-mr G

My guess is he did not go home. He was here in the morning with everyone else, and enjoyed the Primal Breakfast Mania too!


Ms.fida said...

Mr.G sgt gebu I loike hahahhahha MIEW :D

Freyia6438 said...

I wonder whether Mr.G has adopted you as his new family. Based on what I'd seen on bbc doc, sometimes they do that when they feel safe and non threatened.

chankahyein said...

It kind of looks that way...he doesn't even go home anymore. But I'm glad I know who his owner is so that I can still consult her on Mr G's matters. She says Mr G fights with two black-and-white cats on her road. That's how he gets all those injuries on him.