Monday, August 19, 2013

Toilet tales!

A doggie tale:

A kitty tale:

A word of advice: Do NOT attempt to teach your dog or cat to do this no matter how cool it looks UNLESS you are ALWAYS present to supervise. There are also cases of drowning when pets do this unsupervised. Always keep the toilet seat and cover down after use.

Actually, without training, Bunny knows how to do it too!

bunny using toilet

 This photo was taken on 19th June, 2011, in our old house.

Now, Cow & Bunny urinate into the drainhole in the garden. No one taught them; they just do it all their own!

BUT...they also spray (but that's for a different purpose - to show who is boss!)


Pooi Ling said...

My cats pee and poo in the toilet. We did not teach them...
My cats pee into the toilet drainhole fact, they pee into anything with the kitchen sink, on the stove...

Peggy Quah said...

My Meow Meow who had urine problem in her later years did that herself x one told her to pee in the toliet hole as she usually does her morning business in the garden but inside the house she did that only we knew she had that problem. Bless her sole she was a clean and tidy cat till the end. we really miss her gentle ways with her cute 3 legs.