Saturday, August 31, 2013

Welcome to Heidi's playground!

We've got it all figured out now.

Failing to get a place in the patio and kitchen, Heidi has now declared that the playground is hers.

Yes, the entire playground. All of it.

And when you step into the playground, Heidi runs from "miles away" and greets you warmly and joyfully.

She is an exemplary host. The best I've seen.


And if you wish to use Heidi's basketball court for a good reason (like exercise), she not only allows you to (rent free) but she even accompanies you.


You are also allowed to take your morning walks around Heidi's playground.


I missed the shot of the white cat. She came with Heidi and both were on the basketball court.


I'm a very generous cat, you know...


Even dogs are allowed on Heidi's playground. We do not discriminate.

mini-CIMG8465 mini-CIMG8469 mini-CIMG8471 mini-CIMG8473

Rosie's watching...


And if you visit Heidi's playground, she will entertain you with her tree-climbing skills.

Whisky, frisky hippity hop,
Up she goes to the tree top!

Can you see Heidi?

No? Zoom in, please.

where is heidi

See Heidi now?

mini-CIMG8475 mini-CIMG8476

Whirly, twirly, round and round,
Down she scampers to the ground!


And of course, any cat is allowed to visit too.

mini-CIMG8478 mini-CIMG8479

May I join the morning chat?


 I know, you wish you could go out too, but...

Maybe one day...but only if you promise to come back when we call you.

Will cats come back if you call them? Not all. Normally they will pretend they cannot hear you, right? Worse is if they suddenly freak out and run helter-skelter. That would be a total nightmare. That's what happened to Cleo once when she jumped off my arms outside the clinic. It took us 7 hours to finally get her back and all the while she was hiding inside a large crate, just too freaked out to come out. I even called a friend who had some (reiki) psychic powers to help locate her. 7 hours, folks. The worse 7 hours of my life and I remember regretting it so much that I had made a wrong judgment call, thinking I would be able to carry her into the clinic without a carrier. Wrong!!

Anyway, it's not so bad in Bunny's Place too, is it?


You can sleep like nobody's business and not worry about anything.


I would say this garden is pretty good too, by Hong Kong standards...


There are shelves for catnaps.


Or if you prefer the penthouse, you could ask permission from Pole.


There's a clubhouse too.


If you prefer indoors, that's okay as well.

mini-CIMG8486 mini-CIMG8487

And when it rains, you can all come in. You don't have to hide in the drains on the streets.


And yes, the Patio Family is dying to get in.


I guess the grass is always greener on the other side, isn't it?


Let's be happy where we are and be at peace with what we have (if we cannot do anything to change it)!

Happy Merdeka!!

(Yups, despite the water woes and least there is no earthquake and flesh-eating viruses, and we can still purchase bottled water, if we have to. It isn't so bad, really...)


Norely Abd Rahman said...

Good to know Heidi is sharing and not discriminating against species. She has the most awesome scratching post ever!!!!!

Chen said...

Googled the meaning of the name "Heidi" and found this: "The name Heidi is of German origin. It is a diminutive of the German name Adelheid, meaning "noble, kind, honorable," or "exalted nature." Very suitable name, don't you think?

chankahyein said...


Chen said...

Does it sounds strange to you if I say that Daffodil and Mr. G in the picture above looks like an old married couple? There is something in that picture that makes me think so.

chankahyein said... commented on the wrong post? In any case, hang on....Daffodil is more than 10 years old while Mr G is supposed to be only 6 years old (if the owner remembers correctly), so that's quite a big age gap in cat years....but then, age is just a number, as they say!

Juliana said...

Oh, gosh @ Cleo's 7-hour ordeal. That must have been so traumatic for everyone! Glad it all ended okay.

My two cat ladies seem fairly content to lounge at home, but my young boy cat, Hunter, is a curious and adventurous one. We take him on walks on a halter in the outside compound and he seems to enjoy it. Lots of confident tail up and happy days rolling. The funny thing is that though the ladies prefer to stay in, once they see Hunter through the window, they want to come out too! At one point we had three cats on halter and leashes. It was quite adorable, but also a handful. You have to be very alert because they can jump and climb and wiggle. Cats will be cats. ;)

chankahyein said...

Yes...the worst 7 hours of my life: