Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mr Quack's kitten-friend!

Remember this: (Click and see first!)

The kitten has now grown up, and the adopter caught the kitten grooming Mr Quack last night!!

This is the post-grooming picture.

quack and friend

 The Quack and his friend!

Flashback: Mr Quack is the terrorist who created havoc in my community last year when he appeared from nowhere  and went on a brief reign of terror ("I come, I see, I terrorise."). I caught him, got him neutered and rehomed. The change of environment for him really did him a lot of good. It did US a lot of good too!


BoBo Salem said...

we remember Mr Quack!!!
he is such a charming mankitty..

BoBo Salem and catlings

Fui Chin Khoo said...

Hi Mr Quack, nice to see u again :)

freyia said...

Mr. Quack look so nice and turning out to be such a pretty lil kitty :)

Chen said...

"Charming mankitty" LOL

I really like this description. Fits.

Akmar said...

Charming mankitty indeed... He's like a cactus..all thorny on the outside, soft and mushy inside..he he he!

Anati Soki said...

Alhamdulillah.. mr quack now is adapting well.
do live happily ever after dear mr quack :)