Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Evening news from the Patio and Bunny's Place

Whenever anyone visits after 3pm, you can be sure Willy will somehow turn up at the culvert. It is as though he is hoping I will come out when I see our guest off and I would notice him.

I did, of course and he had his yoghurt dinner at 4pm today.

Later in the evening, he was still at the culvert, so I thought he must be still hungry (or was he just gathering "observer" data", I'd never know, would I?)

Anyway, I thought I'd give him some ID kibbles...


But Mr Zurik was around and lounging in our compound.

Of course, all hell broke loose, as expected.


Willy couldn't get to this food. He hid in the drain.

My husband chased Mr Zurik back to his house, but he kept coming back. Looks like our Russian is bent on intimidating poor Willy. But wait a minute...if Willy is an "observer", then aha...who is intimidating who?


And what's going on here? Some secret liaison?

Maybe not, as I heard Daffodil growling. Our matriarch takes it upon herself to protect the Patio Family.

Hooray for Daffodil!


Finally, I lured the Russian into the cage.

That's "ὅπερ ἔδει δεῖξαι" (Q.E.D.) because he's oh-so motivated by FOOD!


And it's not likely he will escape this time EVEN IF his Shrew-Squad comes to pick the lock because I've got Vincent, Timmy and Mr G guarding the cage.


By this time, Willy had gone to the steps, and he came out to eat.


I know a neighbour was giving me "the look" but hey, I'm feeding the cat responsibly, using a bowl, in a public place. And I will remove the bowl after he has eaten.

Would it be okay if I fed a homeless human in exactly the same way? I might get praised for doing that too, right? So why can't I do it for this cat?

Meanwhile, over at the house, I've noticed a small balding patch (with thickening skin) on Heidi's head. So I went out to buy Johnson's baby oil. I remember how miraculous it was with Raven's mange.

mini-20130812_173434 mini-20130812_173947

Here we go....

She enjoyed the massage...totally!

Elsewhere...Cleo has been having some hairball problem lately.

I saw her vomiting out the hair, which is good.


This afternoon, she was coughing out some hair again, and look...Bunny is concerned. Isn't that touching?

Tabs too, but Tabs is as sweet as honey, so that's no surprise.

Bunny (the bully) rises to the occasion!


I just found out that there is another week of school holidays so it looks like Snow White will be coming for her meals.


 And of course, Mr G too. Rain or shine, he's always here these days!

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