Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yoghurt for Willy

A friend came to visit and saw Willy's buttocks. She said her cat had the same problem and the vet advised her to give Nestle's unflavoured yoghurt. Her cat healed and the faeces was "nice" again. Only use Nestle's, the vet had said, as it seemed to work.

So I thought I'd try since it was recommended by the vet.

I went to several convenience stores and they did not carry the unflavoured ones.

So I had to go to the hypermart.

Luckily it wasn't crowded today.


This one.


Being kiasu, I also bought Yakult, in case Willy doesn't like Nestle's.


I tasted it first - it was sour. I gave the Yoghurt neat to Timmy and he didn't want any of it.

So I mixed it with some wetfood, Natural Balance Chicken Patte.


Here we go...


But I had just fed Willy a large portion of wetfood earlier on. Dinner is early these days. By the way, even Mr Zurik knows (that dinner is early) so he comes early too.

I wonder if I could get Willy to eat it....


We'll try....

Willy was under a neighbour's car.

I placed the concoction near him and moved away.

He came towards the bowl.



mini-20130810_180355 mini-20130810_180418

He didn't seem to mind it being sour. In fact, I think he was enjoying it.


And he finished it all!

Did he, really?


 Yes, he did!

It's a bit hard to gauge whether the yoghurt works or not because I haven't got a chance to clean his buttocks. But Willy seems fine and his appetite is good, and for now, that would have to do first.

One day at a time...

If your cat has a similar problem, please consult the vet for professional advice. Our disclaimer holds.


Joy E. Saga said...

Cats eat yogurt. I think they can't taste sour and sweet :D

chankahyein said...

That's interesting!

Chen said...

My personal unproven unscientific opinion is that cats have more taste sensors to detect types of protein tastes that we cannot detect. Not much taste sensors for carbo or fibrous related foods. They are carnivores. Maybe the sensors they have are more like the umami type of tastes.