Friday, August 23, 2013

Auction: Patchwork Blanket No. 2 - open for bidding!

Auction updates: 

Ms Caramel's bid at 12.40pm, 27th August = RM1000!

Faizati & cats' bid at 2.03am, 24th August = RM900

PC Leong's bid at 9.59pm, 23rd August = RM888

PC Leong's bid at 9.13pm, 23rd August = RM800

PC Leong's bid at 8.40pm, 23rd August = RM600

The original post: 

Here's Blanket No. 2, open for bidding!!

Mum has decided to donate the blanket entirely to us for fundraising and the same goes for all the blankets she will be making in future with all the cloth she has purchased.

Blanket No.2 starts with Jasmine Ong's opening bid of RM300!

Bidding ends at 2pm on Tuesday, 27th August 2013. Please leave a comment in this post (or subsequent posts pertaining to this) if you wish to make a bid. No worries if your comment is not published immediately as it will eventually be published in chronological order.

Here is the blanket...


6ft by 4ft


A close-up.


The back.


Ready to the highest bidder!


We have Jasmine Ong's RM300!

Do we hear higher?
(only in RM, please)

100% of your donation goes to our fund for the animals!

This blanket is lovingly handsewn and designed by my mum. The cost of all materials is also borne by her. She is 80 years old and wishes to do her part to help the animals.



pc leong said...

ok 600 . . . u accept rupees or u prefer rupiahs
both all time low

chankahyein said...

AUD would be good! But seriously...Which currency? :)

Chen said...

IF we are naming blankets, I would call this one the Prosperous Cherry Blossom. :D

pc leong said...

if AUD then 300 wins the bid for now right?

chankahyein said...

Jasmine's bid is RM300. Are you bidding? If so, please name your bid, sir, in RM. :)

pc leong said...

since AUD300 not acceptable, then RM600 lor

chankahyein said...

Thank you! :)

pc leong said...

where r all d animal lovers? RM800

chankahyein said...

LOL...The animal lovers are usually "not so well off" after spending so much on their rescues! Hence we need generous supporters like you to help them!! Thank you very much! You still have until next Tuesday to if you put in a bid every day (or every hour!), that would be really good...!! :)

chankahyein said...

Hi PC, my mum says she's really happy and thanks you very much.

pc leong said...

hi ky, tell yr mum it is she v hv to thank. For our small sacrifice doesn't come close to her love for our 4 legged friends n conpanions

yesssss . . . d auspicious 888 bid to honour d love yr mum puts into the patchwork blanket

Chen said...

Wowwee! Thanks PC Leong! You have set a very high price for potential bidders.

mei leng said...

really looking forward to know who is the successful bidder, fun !

chankahyein said...

3 1/2 more days to go!

Faizati said...

after discussing with all my cats, we agreed to bid for RM900...

chankahyein said...

Wow! Thank you, Faizati and furry ones!!

faizati said...

since the dateline will be due soon and it seems that nobody is bidding against me, my cat Ms Caramel has decided that she will do so and she is offering RM1K for the blanket (im writing this on her behalf and payment will come from my account, of course)... she is hoping that this donation will help many street animals :)