Saturday, August 17, 2013

Timmy visits his old "home" and other stories

This afternoon, Timmy made a visit to his old "home"....


If you remember, Timmy was found crying in the middle of my road right in front of my gate on a Saturday morning sometime last year. Subsequently, he stayed in the blue dustbins (codenamed "Tardis", an alien space vehicle: at the playground. It was only later that he earned his place at the patio and is now a full fledged member of the Patio Family. Of course, we thank Daffodil for accepting him into the fold.


Timmy decided to go down memory lane today.

Normally, he is always at the patio and does not explore.


Mr G hasn't been home for many, many weeks now.


Today, I started locking Timmy in the cage for breakfast as he's begun his "musical bowls" trick again. We can't have him give up on his 20% diet, right? Actually, it's the Okinawan Hara Hachi Bu principle - eat only until you are 80% full.


Of course he made a racket and massive protest.

mini-20130816_084821 mini-20130816_084504

Meanwhile, Heidi does taiqi every morning.


And only comes back for breakfast after her taiqi sessions.


Tabs has been wanting to come out to play.

But a huge fight broke out yesterday with Mr G being the aggressor.

Poor Tabs...she doesn't know anything about fighting or defending herself. She just came out to eat her serai and Mr G attacked her.


Hey, are you planning on going home, anytime soon?


Chen said...

Komen dari Mr. G:

Saya ingin memperingatkan Dr. Chan bahawa kawasan ini rumah saya juga. Rumah saya disebelah tidak menghidangkan Tuscan. Lagipun, saya tengah menunggu ketibaan Primal Freeze-Dried. Harap maklum.

Yang setia, tulus dan ikhlas,
Mr. G

chankahyein said...

Besok, Mr G!!

Chen said...

Ribuan terima kasih, Dr. Chan!