Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mr G's friend comes over

I guess Mr G's owner also left Snow White to roam freely while the family balik kampung for Hari Raya.

My daughter, Ming-Yi, says Snow White has been going into her room to explore. And I have seen Snow White these past few days too.

Poor Snow White is pregnant again. I guess her owner did not manage to get her spayed. She has given birth to so many litters now.

This evening, there was a tense situation in the porch.

I thought the Indy-like black-and-white female had come in (she came in yesterday but Vincent chased her away).

But no, it was Snow White and Rosie was turning aggressive...


Rosie chased her off from under the car.

Poor Snow White. She must be hungry.

I went out to look for her with some catfood, but she was too afraid to come near. I could not leave food around too as Mr Zurik was there and he would gladly eat up any food. Mr Zurik saw Snow White but he left her alone.


Lucky Mr G....he hasn't gone anywhere these few days. He's here all the time.

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Freyia said...

I love the tranquility look on Mr G face