Monday, August 12, 2013

Willy returns, Snow White visits and Mr Zurik escapes!!

There are three stories in this post.

Where should I start?

The first part is about Willy but there are no photos for Part 1 of this story as I wasn't carrying my phone/camera and protecting him from Mr Zurik was definitely more important than running back for my phone. But I wish I had my camera as their antics were really cute!

It started when I went out to look for Willy and spotted him near the fire hydrant. I had brought only the ID kibbles with me so I quickly laid the bowl near him and rushed back to the house to prepare his yoghurt plus wetfood concoction. I only left him after he had started eating the kibbles.

But when I came back out with the yoghurt-wetfood, instead of Willy, it was Mr Zurik who was eating the food. Willy had already fled and was nowhere to be seen.


Mr Zurik!!!

I had already fed him too, at the patio. Why does he have to pick on poor Willy?

So I went all over the playground holding the bowl with his yoghurt wetfood, looking for him and calling out for him.

Willy was nowhere to be seen.

I think it was about 10 minutes later that I finally spotted him under the car by the roadside near the fire hydrant. This time, I shoo-ed Mr Zurik away, all the way back to our house before coming back to entice Willy out from under the car.

I placed the wetfood (with yoghurt) near Willy and he quickly came near.

Willy loved the yoghurt-laced wetfood and hungrily ate it. As he was eating I thought I managed to check on his buttocks and there was only dried faecal matter this time. I thought that could be a good sign. This could be remnants from the previous day and maybe the yoghurt is working well and his defecation is normal again.

However, Willy soon grew tense.

I looked and Mr Zurik had already crossed the road and was heading in his direction.

I couldn't make any sudden movements as that would frighten Willy away, so I had to slowly walk towards Mr Zurik to keep him at bay.

I could have sworn Mr Zurik was enjoying the game as he started playing hide-and-seek with me!

I finally cornered him and he lay inside the drain, looking up at me, as though saying, "I'm not doing anything, just staying here inside the drain, is that a crime?"

Willy soon finished his yoghurt wetfood and I gave him his ID kibbles, with Mr Zurik still watching us from inside the drain while by now, Heidi had also come over and seemed to be standing guard too. She was in the playground, but near enough to us.

Willy didn't want any of the ID kibbles, so I thought I'd go back to the house and get him some wetfood.

I did, and by the time I came out, Mr Zurik was nowhere to be seen (good, he has probably gone home) and I was able to feed Willy again.

And this time I brought my phone with me...


Willy's second helping of wetfood.


Soon I caught a glimpse of Mr Zurik. He was in front of our gate. Good, that's far enough as Willy was down the road, on the opposite side.

mini-20130811_174032 mini-20130811_174047

Madame Heidi was on guard, near Willy.


Soon, Mr Zurik walked over....again?


This time I did not let him go into the drain (I won't be fooled twice on the same day).

I managed to shoo him away.


So, Willy could eat in peace....


...while Heidi groomed herself at the playground.

Well, we think she is grooming herself but actually she was on guard duty throughout it all.


Finally, Willy finished all his food.

It wasn't exactly easy to stand guard by Willy as we were under this tree that attracts large red ants and they were constantly trying to crawl up my legs! And I could not make any sudden movements to shake them off as that would frighten Willy.

Anyway, after about 20 minutes, Willy finished all his food and I made my way back home.


And found Mr Zurik nicely settled in our porch.

And why?


Here's why...

It's Snow White!

Mr Zurik was watching her.

I figured Snow White must be extremely hungry. I wasn't able to feed her the last time as she was too scared and had run away.


And this she was far too hungry to be scared, so I managed to give her kibbles.

And I think the next few photos need no captions!




Ginger and Daffodil were also watching nearby.

mini-20130811_175010 mini-20130811_175019

Vincent keeping guard.

mini-20130811_175028 mini-20130811_175108

Ginger soon approaches...

I shoo him away, but...


He went behind the big flower pot!


And slowly inched his way to where Snow White was!


So far so good, no aggression....yet.

So I decided to leave things as they are. No point making a hue and cry when everything seemed fine.

mini-20130811_175229 mini-20130811_175302

Timmy started his Happy Days stint.

mini-20130811_175306 mini-20130811_175308

Just as everything was going on fine...


Oh no!

Mr Zurik!!

mini-20130811_175338 mini-20130811_175404

Although Snow White was surrounded by Vincent, Ginger, Timmy and Daffodil, none of them can counter one Mr Zurik.

mini-20130811_175418 mini-20130811_175608

Snow White shifted about nervously as she sensed Mr Zurik being near.

That's it...this calls for desperate measures, so I lured Mr Zurik back to the patio...


And had him caged.

Nyeh heh heh!! I got you!!

After about 15 minutes, my husband, who was watching TV, said he saw Snow White jump onto the garbage compartment and leap onto the ledge to go home.

So I thought I should go release Mr Zurik from the cage.

As I approached the patio, I saw a shrew scuttle off from the cage...


I'm very sure it was Igor.

Igor stood on his hind legs and looked at me, as though saying something.

And then I looked into the cage...


It was still latched but Mr Zurik was gone!!

He had escaped!!

Granted, I only latched the top latch so he must have pushed the door open at the bottom.


 I pulled the door open from the bottom and there was hardly any space for a whole 4.75kg cat to get out...'s Mr Zurik, right?

Or, did Igor come to release him?

We'll never know, would we?

In the distance, I thought I heard the meowing of a cat and it sounded like...

Я сходил! (I got away!)

 Пока! (Bye bye!)

Увидимся завтра! (See you tomorrow!)

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