Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday morning at the Patio and Bunny's Place


Sorry for the blurry photo. My camera is still under repair and it's not easy taking photos with my phone!

But this photo is to show that Snow White now comes right up to the patio and waits for food like everyone else. The strange thing is that her owner says she has already delivered 4 kittens (that was a few days ago). But she still looks pregnant. This time, her owner said she will get Snow White spayed. That's provided she has delivered ALL her kittens, of course. Sometimes, they skip a day or two, before completing the delivery of all the babies.


Madame Diva Heidi eats up here.


Here's Snow White.

However, we have a slight problem with Snow White's presence. Ginger is not happy, so he left the patio without eating...


...and sat under the car.

No amount of coaxing could get him out. Not even by bringing his food bowl out to him.

The patio is getting too crowded, I suppose.


The good thing about Snow White is that she goes home after eating.

We cannot say the same for Mr G, though, but then again, it's a question of perception here, you know. Whose house is this, anyway? Mr G, Snow White and her sibling were residing here even before we moved in. That's while the house was being renovated. Whenever we came to look-see on the house, we'd see Mr G and the two sisters here, amidst all the dust and construction debris.

Anyway, solve the problem at hand first - Ginger.

Now, how to get him out and to eat?


This calls for the rescue!


It worked!

Actually, I saw Rosie bringing him back into the house...for the Monge.


Of course, sister wants some too.


And sister gets it.


By the way, we never seem to see Mr Zurik missing in action. He's always here for the two meals each day.

KGB has no missions for him?


Heidi also wanted some Monge.

Meanwhile, inside Bunny's Place...


A portrait of the Alphas.


Low-profiled alpha-sister.


Tiger Mandela.

Note: Haven't been comfortable calling him Tiger Gandhi anymore ever since that controversial article about the guru of Ahimsa advocating the shooting of stray dogs came about. Just do a wordsearch on google and at least 7 articles will come up on this. Here's one: Is it authentic, I don't know, but since then, I have not quoted his "The moral progress of a nation...." quote anymore.


The new Alpha in Bunny's Place.

Don't mess with him. (He's slightly crazy! As most big bosses are.)


The bullied. Poor little Tabs.

But actually....who is the REAL ruler of this place?

The question begs.

Our intel reveals that it may well be...


You think?

Think about it, folks. She's the ONLY one who never gets into any fight and why is that?

Because no one and I mean, NO ONE, dares to fight with her.

And why so?

You tell me...




Yen Ling said...

That's an interesting find about Gandhi.

Akmar said...

This reminds me of a saying.. 'Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn'. Perhaps most of Bunny clan abide by that when it comes to her.. he he he!

chankahyein said...

On the contrary, in Bunny's Place, it's the males who behave "furiously"!