Thursday, August 8, 2013

Repainting Pole's condo

The bottom half of Pole's condo is quite badly rusted - thanks to Indy, Bunny and Cow's constant spraying.

I've been wanting to remove the rust and repaint it so that it would at least last a bit longer.

Today seems as good a day as any to do it, what with the reasonably strong sun and all.


I'd already scraped off some of the rust two days ago. But guess I did not do such a good job.


Quality control supervisors kept a keen eye on the job in progress.


What's happening to my condo? 


Thanks to the good sun, it dried well.

But of course we know there is a possibility that the new smell would deter Pole from going in at least for a few days.


I'll only move back in when I'm ready.


It's all ready, actually, but cats' sense of smell is so good, of course they would be able to detect the new smell. And I'm sure the smell of paint isn't exactly inviting! Not even for us.

pole's condo done

I purposely did not wash the mat or the towel used to cover the condo. Not even Tab's pillow case. At least there's some old scent left. But so far, no one has gone in yet...

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