Monday, August 19, 2013

On a hot afternoon, where is everyone?

It was really hot this afternoon over here...

Where was everyone?

mini-20130818_134514 mini-20130818_134529 mini-20130818_141212

Mr Zurik doesn't seem to want to go home as well.

mini-20130818_142831 mini-20130818_142922

That's Mr G, by the way.

Daffodil and Ginger were not around. They must have gone to their "other house".

Over at Bunny's Place...

mini-20130818_151738 mini-20130818_141047 mini-20130818_141052 mini-20130818_141101

Tiger is yawning!


This is Tabs' new secure place.


Later in the evening, Mr Zurik came to the grille, hoping to make some connections with the members of Bunny's Place, but...


Cow flew into a flurry, fluffed himself up and threw a fit.


No, Mr Zurik, not with Cow, please.

I stopped him and shoo-ed him off before Cow went berserk.

Tabs was really afraid and asked to go out of the room.

Poor Tabs...


At the patio, Tabs wanted to join everyone for dinner but Ginger was aggressive towards her, so the poor girl had to eat behind the pillar.

Can you see her?


 There...poor Tabs.


Freyia said...

My heart cries out for Tabs

chankahyein said...

Not to worry, because Tabs gets a lot of sayang from us humans! She is also my husband's favourite cat.