Thursday, August 8, 2013

Breaking news!!! Agent Orange is back!!!

So there I was cycling on my pink bicycle, doing my fourth round when suddenly, one of the walkers excitedly waved at me and pointed towards an orange object at the playground which looked suspiciously like!

The walker, Mukda, was so excited so I cycled faster towards her and then I saw the orange object....

"Is this the cat?? Is this the cat??", Mukda asked.

Oh my gosh....!!!


Luckily I did not fall off my bike....I raced into the house, grabbed my phone (for the camera), a can of Monge, a spoon, a bowl and raced out....yes, faster than lightning, I dare say.



It's Willy!!  He's back!!!

Makan, makan, makan!! It's Hari Raya!

mini-20130808_075136 mini-20130808_075151

Aww...Vincent, his old friend, followed me closely and accompanied him as he ate.

mini-20130808_075156 mini-20130808_075214

Rosie was excited too and had come over.

(Sorry folks, my camera is still in the workshop, so this phone would have to do!)


Grandma Heidi was already on someone's car, right behind me.

Down, girl, down!


I couldn't believe what I am seeing, folks!

Willy is back and looks like our Hari Raya theory is also wrong.

Willy, where were you during the last 4 days??

Were you on a secret mission, somewhere?

mini-20130808_075405 mini-20130808_075713

Everyone was here to welcome Willy back.

Willy didn't dare cross over to his breakfast spot, so I brought breakfast over for him.

Yes, it looks like Mr G is spending Hari Raya with us. His owner did not come to collect him.


Only Timmy didn't come over as he was busy....guarding his food arsenal.

Duty calls, you know. Timmy is a conscientious staff of the food arsenal. Employee of the Year, you know.

But soon, our joyous and happy homecoming celebration was interrupted when Willy suddenly tensed up...

mini-20130808_075832 was Mr Zurik.

He must have heard the news from the shrews and he appeared out of nowhere. I thought he had already gone home...


Don't be afraid, Willy. He won't harm you.


Mr Zurik wasted no time in crossing the road over to where Willy was.


Willy thought he should go off to safer grounds.


I shoo-ed Mr Zurik back and Heidi helped by accompanying him over. It reminds of those military escort fighter jets, you know. When they want to force another plane to land, they do this, right?

They are all trained in the military. Mr Zurik is KGB-trained, Heidi is BND (that's German intelligence), and Willy....I am not sure yet. But he could be from MI-6. Hence, the tension between the two (KGB and MI-6). I mean, who is the villain in almost all the James Bond movies, right?


Anyway, I managed to deflect Mr Zurik from his mission.


Willy heads back. Back where?

I was going to tail him this see where his house is.


mini-20130808_080721 mini-20130808_080755 mini-20130808_080817

The BND Agent Heidi followed me...


Willy knew he was being followed, so he stopped for a scratch.


And he decided to go no further than the pavilion.


But Mr Zurik was hot on his trail...not "hot" as in hurriedly hot, but sinisterly hot.


Willy still has a problem here.

These is faeces stuck in his anus.

My first thought was...I know this is going to sound crazy, but I had scheduled Willy for his first vaccination on Monday, and he coincidentally disappeared on Sunday. I think Willy knows he should not be vaccinated for some reason?

Maybe he knows he is not fit enough to be vaccinated yet?

I just learnt this word yesterday - "empath". I learnt it from the episode "Inner Child" in Fringe (a serial about fringe science and the mysterious stuff that our science cannot explain yet). So, this boy in the show was an "empath" (from the word "empathy"). He has a super strong ability to sense anyone's feelings within miles. So he knows what you are up to, at any time. He was able to read a murderer's feelings, so a murder was prevented from happening.

I think cats are empaths. Well, maybe their ability doesn't stretch across miles, but certainly within a reasonable radius.

So Willy knew I well-intentionally wanted to get him vaccinated and I was too dumb to know he's not fit for it yet, so he had to disappear, see? And he comes back on a public holiday so that I cannot haul him to the vet's to be vaccinated because the vet is closed!

Makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Just how smart is a cat, you tell me?

So my Hari Raya theory was wrong. It's this "empath"-vaccination theory now.


You're an empath, aren't you, Willy?


This is the first time I see Willy doing Happy Days!


The Russian was still near.


But our feisty German agent kept him in check.

mini-20130808_081043 mini-20130808_081129

Are you from MI-6, Willy?


I guess he's not telling...


Soon, the Russian had crept so near, he was just behind the wall.


No worries, because Heidi is on full alert.


уходи, Mr Zurik, уходи!


Good girl, Heidi! I mean, Agent Heidi.


And welcome home, Agent Orange.

We hope your mission had been successful!


I didn't know this - Heidi and Willy are friends and they play!

mini-20130808_081733 mini-20130808_081751

Well yes, even secret agents get a day off, what's more when it is Hari Raya, right?

I decided there was no way I would know where Willy's headquarters is, so I started heading back home.

mini-20130808_081931 mini-20130808_081958 mini-20130808_082005

And which secret agency are you from, Mr G?

mini-20130808_082045 mini-20130808_082053 mini-20130808_082115

Whatever it is, you've got to give Timmy full marks for doing his duty - guarding the food arsenal!


I do believe my pink bicycle brought me luck!

By the way, the pink bicycle is my birthday present. I turned 50 yesterday! And Willy's return is also a great birthday present for me, though it is one day late. (He got the dates wrong because his mission was in another time zone.)

I also believe Willy spotted me cycling, so he came out from hiding to tell me he is safe! It's the "empath" in him, I'm sure of that.

We humans are just not there yet. So, for me, it's the pink bicycle, folks...don't leave home without it. Pink bicycles make things right.

And a million thanks to everyone who had offered words of comfort when our Agent Orange disappeared into thin air and thanks for praying for his safe return from his "secret mission"!

Selamat Hari Raya!


Peggy Quah said...

Happy Birthday Dr. Chan! I am one day behind but good to hear you've got lovely presents. Nothing beats to have all the kids in good shape and safe hands. All the the Best! :> :> :>

Sandra said...

Happy Birthday Dr Chan :)

chankahyein said...

Thank you all!!

Elaine Low said...

Firstly, happy birthday Dr Chan :) wonderful to see all the cats in your pic... i'm more of a dog person but have recently been intro to cats as well...

i use my off day n free time to feed strays in my neighbourhood... n working on TNR. my 2 babies are adopted from the streets. good to know of what myanimalcare does :)

Peggy Tiong said...

Happy birthday Kah Yein, n happy to see that agent orange is back.

chankahyein said...

Yes, so relieved! Thanks!!

chankahyein said...

Thank you, Elaine! These are not "my" pet-cats as my bunch of 7 are indoors. These (what you see in the photos) are the community cats in my area. I look after them.

Chen said...

Wow! Great way to start off the 50s. Have many more happy and healthy years, Kah Yein.

chankahyein said...

Thank you! Yes, with my pink bicycle and all the cats, what more can one ask for!

Marina said...

Happy Birthday Dr Chan....Nice bike!

linda said...

Hi Dr. Chan,
Happy Belated Birthday. May great things go your way.
Willy probably meant to surprise you on your birthday by returning, but he got the dates wrong. Anyway, he is back now and i think, enjoying the attention.

chankahyein said...

Thank you, Linda and Marina. Yes, his mission was in another time zone so he got the dates wrong!

melle said...

Happy birthday, Kah Yein.

Just my thoughts, cats, especially stray ones do go to a secluded place to rest and recuperate if they are not well. Have a strong hunch, Willy needed some downtime on his own. Good to see Agent Orange kiity back on your patio. :)

chankahyein said...

Thank you, Melle. Oh, Agent Orange does not come to the patio at all. Only at the playground or the closest would be at the breakfast culvert. But yes, I know they go off for downtime when ill, but he seemed healthy before he disappeared. It must have been that secret mission MI-6 assigned him to!

Joy E. Saga said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Perhaps you may wanna get some probiotics to ease Willy? I have tried Yakult on my cats, about 3-6ml :D And they have no problems after hehe

Beautiful start to the Aidilfitri! To all Muslims readers, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri from the Furrever Feline gang :D

chankahyein said...

Yes, yes, yes!! Probiotics - yes!! Thanks for the tip. Am off to buy some now!

Jerusha said...

Happy belated birthday Dr Chan. My mum told me about Willy missing. I am happy that he is back now.

CW Lee said...

Happy birthday Dr Chan, bet when you saw Willy the joy felt is even better than 'kena' 1st prize lottery ; and to Willy it's good to have you back safe & sound.

Chen said...

Komen dari Mr. G:

Saya terdengar ada orang bertanya-tanya, "And which secret agency are you from, Mr G?" Sebenarnya kerja saya tak apa-apa secret. Saya dari PEMANDU. Tugas saya ialah melapor ke PM mengenai keadaan sosial dan ekonomi di kawasan Subang Jaya. Saya berusaha memastikan bahawa kawasan dalam jagaan saya tidak ketinggalan dalam program-program GTP. Selaku menjalankan tugas, saya berkenalan dengan semua orang dan kucing - tak kira pangkat rendah atau yang tinggi. Untuk memastikan saya tidak berat sebelah, saya menubuhkan muka yang amat serius dan tak berperasaan.

Tahun ini saya tetap bekerja sewaktu Hari Raya. Sekian dan Selamat Hari Raya kepada semua.

Yang menjalankan tugas,
Mr. G

chankahyein said...

Thank you, Jerusha and Ms Lee! Yes, better than kena 1st prize lottery - definitely!

chankahyein said...

Ooh...gitu rupanya, Mr G! Baiklah, Selamat Hari Raya dan Maaf Zahir & Batin dari kami ni. Sori lah, kadang-kala terpaksa sembur garbage enzyme ke arah Mr G pulak...he he.

Connie said...


amir said...

such a great news!! welcome back Willy!
I cant help to notice that Willy has a nice and soft orange color!

and Happy Birthday Madame!! Joyeux anniversaire!
Wishing you a lot of happiness and sweet surprises!

amir said...

Good one!hahahah

Chen said...

Mr. G ialah kucing yang murah hati dan tak mudah disinggung. Terima kasih dengan ucapan-ucapan Dr. Chan. Sekian.

Berkhidmat untuk negara,
Mr. G

chankahyein said...

Thank you, Amir!

Kettenkard said...

He probably took a day off to balik kampung.

Maybe he came back just to wish you a happy birthday?Might want to check your bed for "gifts".

Maneki Neko said...

I think Willy needs a new code name. Agent Orange was the name of the defoliant which the American military sprayed copiously over the Vietnamese jungles during the war. It proved to be deadly not only to trees -- it was very carcinogenic. Now, it may be that Willy prefers a code name that strikes fear into his nemeses (can you say 'chemotherapy', Mr. Zurik??), but if not, perhaps he could assume another alias. Meanwhile, welcome back, Willy! :-)

jasmine ong said...

Great news that Agent Orange is back to the scene and to you! :) He definitely "disappeared" for his own good reason. And him doing his "happy days" stint, it's just aww ...

Happy holidays to you Sis. Kah Yein and to everyone! Hope you have a good day doing what you like best :)

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim readers of this blog and caregivers of fur kids. Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Norely Abd Rahman said...

Happy Bday Dr. Chan! What a present eh?

chankahyein said...

Yes, you are right! It sounded suspiciously familiar (the name "Agent Orange") when I was writing the post, but it was too exhilarated to recall what it was. I thought it sounded like the name of a deadly weapon OR a food colouring, wasn't sure. Thought it was the food colouring. Then it dawned on me - horrors of horror, it's that deadly weapon in Vietnam, and by then, it was too late to change the title as WordPress has this function where changing the title could only be done if the whole post was deleted and I wasn't going to write that post again. I could change the title still, because it can be done, but the link would still bear the original title, but by then, so many had read the post, so I just left it. Right, Willy's name shall not be "Agent Orange" anymore now that he is back. It will simply be "Agent William". :)

lee chew keang said...

Selamat Hari Raya Mr G.