Saturday, August 31, 2013

Oh no! WHO bit this hole?

I was about to go to work yesterday morning when I saw Daffodil (yes, Daffodil!) mooching around the two bags of Equilibrio in the kitchen. We are staying in an old house, so the storerooms were built really small at that time. I have no place to store the catfood so it would have to be in the kitchen.

It is rare for Daffodil to be so brave and so near any human, so I went to have a look. She didn't even budge as I approached.

Then I saw it...some had bitten a hole in one of the bags and some kibbles are already spilled out.

Daffodil refused to move.

Gosh, are you so hungry, Daffodil? The Patio People get two big meals in a day, plus a small snack in between if someone makes the call.

I quickly taped the hole as I was rushing off to work.


Then, by evening yesterday...


Oh no! Another hole had been bitten on the bag.

This calls for a major transfer and I was out of large containers.

The garbage enzyme had to go...what to do?


I filled up the existing containers, with the kind assistance of Rosie and Ginger.


Me on 20% diet. Me no raid food arsenal. Me good boy.


Me too.


What's that you said a moment ago, Timmy?


I hope the food is safe here....for now.
(That's me speaking, not Timmy!)

I know of a cat who can open Tupperware covers. Not the ordinary plastic containers, but the branded Tupperwares. And Cleo can bite through plastic. She bit through the Halo jars previously.


Dame Heidi was outside sitting on my car. This is her permanent night-spot these days.


Vincent is good. He is not greedy.


So, how much of the kibbles did you manage to eat just now, Timmy?


This was breakfast this morning.

With Primal, I normally would have at least 3 patio cats helping me mix the meal.


Tabs gets to help too!

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