Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A change of taste

Today, a friend gave me two cans of Nature's Variety Instinct canned catfood for my cats to try.


It's grain-free. The chicken is cheaper than the lamb.



I mixed both cans and added Primal.


Tabs and the titans ate...


The Pole girls ate, but not Tiger.

mini-20130827_163436 mini-20130827_163441

Indy was fine with it, too.


But the Pole girls only ate half of it and started going away, with Tiger still looking wondering why he has been served with this strange-smelling food. I guess it was a mistake to mix both cans. The lamb smelled very strong.


Me vegetarian, me no eat meat.

Even the boys left some behind (it wasn't a clean sweep like the usual). In fact, there was enough left over for the Patio Family.


Rosie - yes. Vincent - no.

Vincent thinks he is vegetarian too?

Heidi - no (she walked away after a short session of complaining).


Daffodil - yes. Timmy - no.

Timmy no????


Really Timmy no????


Ginger - yes. Mr G - er....I don't know.


I'm on track with my 20% diet. Make no mistake about it. 


Happy Days are here again...


Meanwhile, Tabs was exploring the little clinic.


Ginger cleaned up the bowl...totally.


 Verdict - I am not sure, but I am game to try just the chicken. Not the lamb.


Juliana said...

Looks like your cats have similar tastes with mine! Their staple is Natural Balance but I, too, recently tried this brand -- based on ingredients alone, it actually looks better than Natural Balance. It's not just grain free, but is also carrageenan free. (That's a controversial ingredient found in many foods, but the degraded carrageenan is possibly cancer-causing.) alas, my kitties barely touched their portions.. And you're right, it has a very strange smell. IMHO, I didn't find it appealing. LOL. Still, may be you'll have better luck with the chicken.

chankahyein said...

Oh, my fuss-pots don't like Natural Balance much these days. They have moved on to Monge as the staple. Instinct is out - I tried the chicken again. They held a street protest, with banners and all. So now, I've bought Avoderm and so far, I don't see a protest brewing yet.... I think they just want Monge, with the added Primal, of course. Cats...they eat us dry! When I retire next time, they cannot be so demanding anymore!