Monday, August 26, 2013

The Tabby Troopers vs Mr Zurik (in defence of Agent William)

The evening began with Mr Zurik creating havoc inside the house...


As much havoc as he creates, you just cannot get angry with him...look at his face.

mini-20130825_155616 mini-20130825_155625 mini-20130825_155635

He came in to intimidate everyone and then jumped on the table to show who is boss.

Everyone was upset, so I had to shoo him out.


You have to stay out, please.

Soon it was dinner time.


Do you see an extra tabby?

That's Tabs in the foreground. She wanted to come out so I let her out. Tabs is just no match for the titans and the titan's relatives. This is how the current hierarchy goes: Tabs is bullied by Bunny, Bunny is bullied by Cow and Pole. Cow is terrified of Cleo. Cleo only respects Pole. Indy is slightly mad, so he's a force to reckon with as well, mad as he is, Indy never bullies Tabs (in fact, he plays with Tabs). Tiger looks after Tabs. So Tabs' only friends are Indy and Tiger, which isn't so bad because Indy is the new boss, right? Cleo and Pole are too high and mighty to acknowledge Tabs, so she doesn't have a girlfriend to talk about girl things with...

Hence, one can understand how stressful it can be for Tabs in Bunny's Place. So every day, she needs her time-out. She is at the base of the "food chain", so to speak.

Anyway, while the Patio Family was eating, I went out to look for Willy.


Willy was waiting for me at the culvert.

This time, I was ready for a Russian ambush...I was on the alert.

But the Russian ambush did not happen....

Now, why?

I got up and look into the gate...


Oh I see...Dame Heidi was on guard.


And this tabby, who was under my car.

And you are....?


It's Tabs!


And of course, our Vincent Starr, the Stormtrooper.


Wow...what a line-up, eh?


This is one for the album, folks!

Introducing the Tabby Troopers...protecting Agent William from...


...Mr Zurik!

Mr Zurik really stayed at the patio and did not come out to intimidate Willy at all.

But wait...Daffodil is there....


Now, was it the might of the Tabby Troopers or...was it just Daffodil?

We''ll never know now, would we?

All war is deception - Sun Tzu.

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