Monday, August 12, 2013

The week begins again...

This morning began by feeding Bunny & Friends, then the Patio Family and this time, I locked Mr Zurik in the cage (with two latches secured, checked twice too....and the Shrew Squad was NOT around, at least not as far as I could see.)


net nikakogo sposoba, vy mozhete izbezhat', Mr Zurik!!

Nyeh heh heh!!!

With the bully secured in the cage, I then went out to look for Willy...


Willy was at his fire hydrant.


So I quickly mixed his yoghurt wetfood and served it to him.

I'm glad he likes it a lot.


And I'm glad this time he is not under THIS tree (this is the tree that attracts the huge red ants). When we first moved here, there were two of them right opposite our house and the gardener was badly bitten by the red ants when he cut the grass. Hence, we apologised to the trees and had them cut. We've replaced them with two other trees.

mini-20130812_073556 mini-20130812_073645

I don't think I'm imagining it, but I do believe his buttocks is looking better, isn't it? There is no more faeces stuck at the anus. Just some dried faecal matter only.


Vincent was doing a Happy Days stint right outside our gate.


As long as he stays there, everything is fine.


Oh no, he is coming over now. I'd better stop him before Willy runs away.


I quickly went over and made sure he stayed at our gate so that Willy could finish his meal.


Soon, Heidi came too.

mini-20130812_074034 mini-20130812_074242

With Mr Zurik secured in the cage, I can go for a ride while Willy eats.

mini-20130812_074551 mini-20130812_074632

After two rounds, Willy is done eating.


This is Mrs Gretchen. She's the black-and-white female who eats at the pavilion. She's been trying to enter our house, but Vincent chases her away.


Here's a cute little black kitten. I hope she has a home.


You know, believers of conspiracy theories will swear that aliens have descended upon our earth and there is this group of highly intelligent and far more superior alien species who are "empaths", ie. they can read your feelings. And one characteristic is that they can only taste certain tastes. Familiar? AND their secret mission is unknown but they are known to just OBSERVE. They are observing our every move, waiting for the right time to make their move. Well, anyway, who knows if they had not brought their pets along, right?



I cycled four rounds and with each round, Willy was in this same exact position. Just observing.


I saw this cat. I know he has a home.


And this white cat.


Oh no, she's walking towards me.


Observing, but a little more intently now...

And why?


...because Rosie was on the opposite side!


Still observing....

Just observing....

I was done with my rounds, so I went back home.


Вам не избежать на этот раз, Mr Zurik!

Heh heh...!!

я побеждаю!! я побеждаю!!


You're free to go, Mr Zurik!

Run free now, and don't bully anyone, please.

Peace is the way to go, Mr Zurik.  I mean, set a good example to the humans, will you?


He went on his way, tail down.


As he passed the culvert, he looked towards Willy's direction.


Willy saw him and scuttled under a car.

Maybe, just maybe, Willy is not running in fear but more out of keeping himself safe as he has a bigger mission, along with his observer alien friends.

Willy is NOT with MI-6. He's an OBSERVER.


 And what about you, Mr G? I take it that you are just a visitor, right?

But, there are more things in heaven and on earth, Horatio, that are dreamt of in your philosophy.


Snow White came later for breakfast, and Mr G had to be given another snack to prevent him from bullying Snow White.

Peace with every step, folks.

That's all we can do.

Take care of this moment, and we are already taking care of the future.

Right, Willy?

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