Friday, August 23, 2013

Willy, Mr Zurik and the water-gun!

Willy came for dinner this evening and oooh....I was so happy to see him again.


Willy, Willy!


He prefers wetfood to kibbles.


Ginger came out to greet this fellow orange friend.

Willy wasn't afraid.


Vincent was my bodyguard.


I managed to take a peek - it looks "okay".

At the patio, I had kept Mr Zurik busy

He had been sleeping on the chair all afternoon, having adopted our house now.

mini-20130822_172819 mini-20130822_172845

I told Mr Zurik that if he came out to bully Willy, I'd spray him with the water-gun.


He did not come out at all!


 After dinner, Willy went to the playground to watch the children play.

He is a mysterious cat. My husband has tried following him many times, but he would "suddenly" disappear and you won't know where he has gone. This morning, he "just appeared" at the steps, out of nowhere, and my husband sensed Willy was making himself visible, asking to be seen. You do sense these things with animals, right?

Agent William...你是从中国? Sie sind aus Deutschland? er du fra Norge?

Mr Zurik says: разве вы не хотели бы знать!!!

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