Saturday, August 8, 2009

Xiao Li in transit...meets Joanie

Seeing how depressed Joanie still is, an idea came to my mind (albeit a rather crazy one). I thought just in case Joanie is emotionally depressed because she had lost all her babies, perhaps letting Xiao Li visit might cheer her up. After all, Xiao Li is only about 2-3 weeks old.
So I asked the doctor, and he said I could try. He said Joanie might be in this state because of the amount of bacteria inside her, causing infection. But I can try, he said.
So I called Yen Ling and discussed this idea. Yen Ling said ok, so Xiao Li was brought over this afternoon.
Joanie wasn't interested but also did not hiss at little Xiao Li, who, incidentally, is a bundle of energy (and noise!). Initially, Joanie went to the furthest corner of her cage, and faced the wall.
Later, we saw Joanie sitting closer and facing the little tyke.
Now, the little tyke is asleep after hours of play, and Joanie looks on, like a mother would....

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