Saturday, August 15, 2009

I want food!!!

I spend the last half hour trying to upload individual photos, but some setting went cranky and every photo turns out being rotated 90 degrees. So here are the photos for today, pasted in ppt, and saved as jpeg. Sigh, the "wonders" of technology (or is it my ignorance?)

The first photo shows Suki ransacking Bobby's dog food. "I want food, I don't care what food!!", and in the next photo, doesn't it seem like Bobby is saying, "Sobs...she's eating up all my food..." Poor Bobby... He has the kindest heart towards every single kitten I've brought back. He loves cats, but he hates dogs!

The third photo was taken when Joanie came back from hospital. That's Vixey (the landlady) saying, "Hi, friend...welcome home!" to Joanie after I removed the e-collar. In fact, Vixey (who normally doesn't leave her official residence) came all the way out to the living room when I stepped through the door with Joanie in the carrier.

The fourth photo shows Suki, after having had her fill of dog food, goes back to Mummy-Joanie, and suckles to her heart's content.

That's one-and-a-half hours ago, and she's still suckling, and Joanie's looking on, like a proud mother would.

P.S. Shahrul tells me coconut water works wonders for her pets when they are sick, and this includes urination problems. I've asked the vet and they said there's no harm though there's no research done on this. I'm going to try it today. Joanie's not urinating again. If that doesn't work, it's back to the hospital again, for her and for me.

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